Perfection Rollers from Hamilton – Just Roll with it


Hamilton, the leading professional decorating tools manufacturer, offers Perfection, its finest roller range. Designed to not only give the best possible results but acheive them faster and easier.

Designed for professionals, the entire Perfection roller range provides superb paint pick up and coverage, is low splatter, easy to clean and gives an excellent finish whatever the application.


Manufactured to perfection


Using the highest quality materials and processes, Perfection roller sleeves (short, medium, long and extra long pile) are manufactured using a thermobonding process which prevents unwinding even when soaked in water or solvents. Additionally, the midi-sized Perfection rollers also benefit from a bearing system designed to prevent skidding and sliding when applying paint to surfaces.


It’s the thought that counts


The Perfection range has been thoughtfully designed so that different sized rollers are

manufactured using the same fabric. This ensures a consistent finish and avoids framing.

Supporting the sleeves, the roller frames are sturdy and built to last with three options to

choose from. The 15” Perfection Cast Aluminium Double Arm Frame is manufactured in one

piece for maximum strength and durability whilst the Perfection Adjustable Double Arm

Frame offers great flexibility being able to accommodate rollers sized between 9” and 15”.

Lastly, the 9” Perfection Wooden Handle Cage Frame, with a 5 wire cage for strength and

security, features a quality laquered wooden handle for durability and comfort.

All frames create an even pressure across the application making them ideal for large

expanses of wall and ceiling and can be fitted with screw fit extention poles if required.

Sarah Coussens, brand manager – trade at Hamilton said,’The Perfection range is the best in

its class and delivers exceptional results for the professional decorator.’

For more information on Hamilton’s extensive product offering, including the Perfection range of rollers, visit or call 01527 575441.

What do Decorators Think About Hamilton Perfection Rollers?

Hamilton Perfection are probably the only medium pile roller I use, even though I’ve tried other brands in the past. They’re readily available from Crown Decorating Centres which is where I do the majority of my paint shop anyway. I know they’re one of the most popular rollers around so they’re probably available in a load of other places too, as well as online.


The rollers themselves hold an awful lot of paint compared to other brands. You can apply paint to the wall or ceiling, spread over a large area, then lay it off nice and evenly. What more could you ask for?


The Hamilton cages are great too!! I tend to stick with the 9inch roller. The Hamilton Perfection cage is made out of varnished wood and metal trim. There’s a screw fitting which fits most poles and it doesn’t flex under pressure.

Mike Gregory

Tried loads of sleeves and keep returning to the green Hamilton ones

Good all rounder

John Swinton - Perfection Rollers from Hamilton

Best rollers for soft sheen, diamonds, eggshells & silks basically anything bar matt & masonry

Lee Britton

I use the mini 4inch perfection daily.. that’s all I use cause I’m on day rate

Ben Cross

 All I use & they wash up well too ☺️👍🏻 use their mini ones too love em

Marie Williams

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Perfection Rollers from Hamilton