Hamilton’s best-selling Perfection roller sleeves continue to offer that perfect finish on smooth and rough surfaces – in the hands of painters and decorators everywhere. Why are these sleeves so popular? 


A sleeve for the job 

Always looking to deliver on the needs of their users, Hamilton conducts regular insight to gauge what the professional needs from their decorating tools.  Recent research has unsurprisingly shown that ‘it’s all about the finish!’   

A roller sleeve that produces the best finish, by delivering great coverage, even release and takes less trips to the tray is what every busy decorator needs. 


A sleeve is a sleeve? 

Why is the Hamilton Perfection range of sleeves different? Isn’t the choice of sleeve down to personal preference? Not according to today’s users, say Hamilton. 

“Aside from always delivering the best finish, our Perfection rollers are designed for minimal spatter and no lint loss.  Our fabric is heat fused to the roller core to ensure that it won’t unwind, even when soaked in water or solvent” says Sarah Coussens, Hamilton Brand Manager.   

She continues, “there is a lot of innovation and science behind each roller we develop, and this extra detail that adds to the requirement for a perfect finish.” 


For all surfaces 

The Hammy Green Sleeve as it’s known, is our medium pile sleeve, and certainly a much-loved part of every decorator’s tool box”, says Sarah. 

Hamilton also offer a short pile, long pile and extra-long pile for smooth surfaces, and rough or extra rough surfaces alike, dependent on the finish required. These are available in 4” midi (bearing system) and 9” with a 1.75” core for optimum coverage.  Both the medium pile and long pile sleeves are also available in 12” and 15”, with the extra long pile also available in 12”. 


For more info on Hamilton’s range visit or follow them on Facebook.

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Hamilton roller sleeves are renowned for being some of the best in the business. Even the shortest pile sleeve holds a large amount of paint, and you can achieve a spray like finish with it.

The medium pile (green) is a favourite amongst some of the decorators we know. The 12 inch will disperse paint evenly to a nice, flat finish. You’ll be stunned at how much paint this roller will hold!

The long pile, unlike most other long pile rollers, loses little in the way of fibres. This sleeve is great for emulsioning ceilings or masonry paint to rough cast render.

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