Peel Tec Wins Decorating Product of the Year


We are delighted to announce that C-Tec’s revolutionary paint removal product, Peel Tec, has won Decorating Product of the Year at the DIY Awards 2021.


Peel Tec’s unique formulation is what makes it the industry-approved stand-out product in the paint removal space. It acts fast and doesn’t damage the base material. Plus, Peel Tec is incredibly easy to use, making it the first choice for both professional and casual users. Spray it on and then just leave it for 10 minutes. Watch the paint peel away from the surface cleanly, leaving no traces or damage, and preparing the material perfectly for re-coating.


It’s no wonder that Peel Tec was shortlisted for both DIY Product of the Year AND Decorating Product of the Year. An independent panel of specially selected industry experts chose Peel Tec out of 5 shortlisted products to take home the title for Decorating Product of the Year in the 2021 livestream show.


The judges reviewed each entry and application in line with a strict set of criteria to determine the winner in each of the eighteen different categories. Peel Tec’s innovative technology is no surprise to C-Tec – but they’re thrilled that it blew judges away to get this prestigious industry recognition from a leading organisation in the home improvement space.


Peel Tec is a powerful addition to any construction worker, decorator, or novice DIYer’s tool kit as it reduces labour considerably. It takes the work out of paint stripping as, unlike other methods, there’s no need to spend hours paint scraping. Peel Tec lifts paint from the surface so you can remove it quicker than ever before – and with little effort – saving you time and energy. Peel Tec is also a remarkably versatile product, working on almost all materials with the same clinical efficiency and effectiveness.


C-Tec say they are incredibly proud that Peel Tec has been given DIY Week’s seal of approval for so many reasons, but also because the win has raised Peel Tec’s profile as a safe paint removal method. Unlike other paint stripping methods, Peel Tec does not require an aggressive approach and emits no dangerous vapours. Its 100% Methyl Chloride-free formulation makes it safe to use in the home by anyone.


Alongside Peel Tec’s award win, we are also delighted C-Tec’s BT1, The Ultimate Bathroom Sealant and Adhesive, was shortlisted as a top 5 entry for Home and Kitchen Product of the Year, and C-Tec retailer, Wickes, won Retailer of the Year!!


DIY Week has been the most authoritative and trusted information source for the home improvement market for over 140 years. The magazine, which is published 20 times annually, announced the winners via live online broadcast on Thursday 15th July 2021. This was their 10th annual awards show and the first to be live-streamed.


Thank you to DIY week for honouring Peel Tec as Decorating Product of the Year 2021. To learn more about this award-winning product and find out how it could revolutionise your paint removal, visit the Peel Tec product range.

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Peel Tec Wins Decorating Product of the Year