Painting Top of Door Frames

By Tommy Mann


What are everyone’s thoughts on painting the top of door frames?


I now paint the top of all door frames, not just the ones that you see when going up the stairs.


I used to only paint the top of  frames on the ones where you can see that edge when going up and down the stairs. I never painted the ones you never see. I was never taught to as an apprentice. I always thought “there’s no need as you won’t see them anyway.” I don’t know any other decorators who do either.


But then about Five years ago a customer rang me up and demanded that I go back and paint all the top of the door frames I had missed when decorating his property. He had actually got up on a step ladder and checked each one! He was confused as to why I’d only done the ones you see from the stairs. I went back and did them all. “Customer is always right” and all that.


And now I’ve learnt from that and always paint them all. whether you see them or not.

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