PaintDoc – Legally Binding Documents for Decorators

PaintDoc provide all the Legally binding documents decorators will ever need to help with their business. From Ts&Cs to quote templates and much more.

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Ever felt unsure what documents you need to protect your business and ensure you are legally compliant?

By working with a professional legal company, you can now get all the business document templates you need as a small painting and decorating business in one place!

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What documents are included with PaintDoc?


  • Quote / contract form – A quote template drafted in the form of a contract which becomes legally binding on parties once agreed. Includes Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) quote terms. Including a Cancellation, Deposit and Refund Policy – A series of cancellation, deposit and refund clauses that are legally enforceable
  • Privacy and Data Protection – A general policy statement on privacy and data protection which complies with the UK General Data Protection Regulations in respect of general privacy and data retention and use including client and supplier data. (Essential if you have a website and an enquiry form)
  • Subcontractor Contract for Services – a contract specifically drafted for painters and decorators, to agree terms while retaining bona-fide self-employed status. This can be used when you use a sub-contractor AND when you are sub contracting for another company.
  • Terms and Conditions of Business – A comprehensive set of standard terms and conditions for supply of services to B2B and B2C
  • Invoice – with CIS & VAT – B2C and B2B – This is an Invoice template with standard columns for labour & materials and sections for CIS & VAT along with B2B payment terms.
  • Health and Safety Policy (including CSCS requirement, PPE etc.) – A comprehensive health and safety policy (NB: This is a legal requirement for companies with more than 5 employees
  • Risk Assessment Template – A template structured around a painting and decorating business

What do these legally binding documents for decorators look like? – Watch here…

Ready to protect your business with PaintDoc?


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