A review of the Paint Show 2018 by Rob Greenwood


As a regular show attendee I have being asked why I travel over 200 miles to a from a paint show every year and what do I gain from being there. To me there’s no question about it, it’s a must see event for any decorator wanting to better themselves and hopefully make some like minded friends along the way.

This year was my first year going as a friend of the Decorators Forum, and to see such camaraderie amongst people who have either never met, or only met a few times through the Forum is fantastic.

As for the show, with master classes going on constantly for the entirety of the show, there’s plenty to see and learn. I feel people get out of the show, what they put in. if you only want to go for a small sample of paint then, believe me, that’s all you’ll get. If you want to go and really educate yourself of the new tools and materials that are being introduced to the industry every year, then that’s exactly what you’ll find, under the one roof.

I have however noticed a quiet murmur amongst the stall holders about the price of each stand, is this impacting who gets to showcase their products there? And is this making the larger companies, who have spent a lot of money on the stalls, ignore the smaller companied and sole traders?

I have noticed stalls are less willing to hand out samples to people unless they believe that they will get a good return from it. I feel this is a shame, it costs a days wage, plus travel, accommodation if required and consumables. It could start becoming not cost effective by going if this trend continues.

Having said all this, if you do want to learn about new products, or get to know area reps for your preferred brands, this is the perfect venue. Its also great to see the likes of Graco, Mirka and Festool to name a few, not only turn up to the show but allow punters to have a go using their machines, when some people would never get the chance and probably never invest in one for that reason.

In conclusion, I think the show is great, and should not be missed by anyone, it was fantastic too see some of the other members from the Decorators Forum and nice to be welcomed in, as they do with everyone. The cost of the stalls should maybe be reviewed , to allow smaller firms to get in, but all in all it’s a great experience and I look forward to going again in Noverber 2019.

Thankyou for reading my review of the Paint Show 2018 by Rob Greenwood for the Decorators Forum