Outside Decorating Job

By Richard Mclnroy


This outside decorating job almost killed me and will be the final (probably not) heavily textured/pebbledash masonry I paint.


They always hurt and I say I’m not doing another, but what a transformation!!


This is in a rough end of town and has previously been a brothel (I painted inside after the brothel closed, which was very strange)!!


After that it was a cannabis factory. They went through every internal wall with ducting and cables. Lots of drug dealing going on, nutters everywhere, but was a funny job being invisible and watching real life unfold.



Everything painted top to bottom after some decent prep. Walls, woodwork, doors, railings, down pipes, the lot, in a mixture of Plymouth Grey, ‘AllCoat’ Satin black and Hammerite for the railings.


Hammerite maybe old-school, but it is still one of the best paints for railings in my opinion. It’s thick and gloopy but covers well and contains rust inhibitors. This help with the longevity of finish.


Zinsser AllCoat is a water-based multi-surface paint. It is perfect for a job like this because it is easy to apply and literally goes on every surface. Plus I know it will look great and last for ages.


One man. All ladder work. No Festool used as I genuinely feared for anything being nicked!

an outside decorating job
painting a brothal