Oldfields Brush Review

 I was recently given a set of Oldfield brushes to try out and review from Andy Cherry from My Paintbrush . These are brushes that I’ve wanted to try out for a long time. They are really popular brushes in Australia, I have a friend in Oz that had told me about them but I was unable to get them from anywhere in the UK… Until now. This is my Oldfields paint brush review

Here are the set of brushes that I have been trying out

I liked the way they are labelled for what they should be used for which is good idea rather than trying to have one brush to do everything. I tried them out on their designed purposes (obviously lol) and this is how I got on..

Firstly, the Oldfields Oval Paint Brush for Ceilings Walls and Doors.

My first impressions of this brush was straight away positive, it seemed like a well made brush with an oval stock and it is so comfortable in your hand, it just seems to fit so well. My usual favourite brush I use for cutting in walls and ceilings is the 3” Hamilton Expressions range which is a really big brush that holds loads of paint, so I didn’t expect this brush to win me over as it’s only a 2.5” with a smaller handle. As soon as I started using it I found it was so effortless to cut in nice sharp lines and despite my doubts, it holds loads of paint!. I used this brush for a solid week on emulsion, bagged up each day then washed out on the weekend. As I am reviewing these new brushes It’s hard to tell long term how they’ll last, so i thought I’d put it through its paces and use it on a small masonry job (not what its designed for but to test the wearing process) then wash it out after, which washed out well and held shape. My next job was cutting in a whole 4 bed house which I was short on time so I started out using my Hamilton Expressions brush (stick to what I know) but after using the Oldfields it just wasn’t as nice, so soon switched back to the Oldfields and it still performed better even after its masonry stint.

Oldfields Cutting in and Moulding  Paint Brush

This brush is a lot different to the wall brush, it has a thin, straight stock with angled bristles and a long thin handle (that kind of felt like holding a fitch). Now I wouldn’t use this for cutting in walls as its too thin to hold a decent amount of paint. I tried it out on some skirts and architraves and wasn’t overly impressed. Although the bristles stayed uniform and it was good for precise control (like getting in the corner of the top of skirting on an internal corner etc), but the bristles were too flimsy for my liking. I expect people who like the Blaze brush would like these, but for me it’s just not got enough meat to it.

Windows, Cornices and Architrave Paint Brush

After being a bit disappointed with the previous brush I didn’t have much hope for this brush. Although this brush is a bit thicker with straight cut bristles and a thicker handle (still not as comfortable as the first brush). I switched to this brush straight from the last to carry on with architraves and skirting boards… and what a difference! It held far more paint than I had expected and another thing I noticed that was quite odd, laying off with this brush seemed to give the paint better opacity, I guess this is down to the evenness it lays off. It’s a lot different and a bit bigger to what I’m used to using on woodwork (I usually use a 1.5/2” Hamilton prestige synthetic) so it took a bit of getting used to but once I did it was brilliant, the control on it was good for corners as mentioned above, also for those bits behind hinges etc.


Verdict – The Oldfields Paint Brush Review

The wall and ceiling brush is amazing and I definitely want (actually need) more of these brushes, I cant praise them enough.

The cutting in and moulding brush is a good brush but I’d probably use it as a laying off brush. If you like the Proform Blaze then you would like it.

The windows, cornices and architrave brush is a really great brush, I will definitely buy some to have on board and it will come in useful.


They are available from My Paintbrush. You can see their website by clicking here  So if you want to give them a try (that I highly recommend you do) head over to mypaintbrush.co.uk, and don’t forget to use the decorators forum discount code of DF8!

Thank you for reading my Oldfields Paint Brush Review

Phill Southam – Decorators Forum

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