News Flash – New Product Launch For Wickes!!

Now Stocking The Decorating Product Of The Year 2021

Peel Tec – Don’t Burn It, Peel It!



Wickes is one of the nation’s favourite home improvement centres and has been providing the DIY boom in the UK all the tools and products they needed for making their homes into their new centre of the universe since before, during and after the pandemic.


Both DIY enthusiasts and trade, enjoy the choice, customers service, facilities, and the best quality of products that Wickes provide. One such brand that has grown in the UK at an expediently fast rate is the UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive – CT1. CT1, The Snag List Eliminator, has long been the first choice for the trade and now the first choice for the DIY sector. Proudly Made in Britain with British Technology and Design, CT1 has wowed the industry with its revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology which is 3 times stronger than run of the mill Hybrid Polymers and with its longer colour retention and flexibility. CT1 is also the most eco complaint AND the heathiest choice of sealant on the market.

Wickes, who have long provided the nations homeowners with the best products, have built up a long-lasting partnership with the leading brand in the UK – CT1. The creators of CT1 have not rested on their laurels (and have a research and development department that clearly never sleeps!) have also provided the UK (now also Spain, Norway and Denmark) with yet another revolutionary product – Peel Tec. Peel Tec is the number 1 paint remover AND the UK’s Number 1 Graffiti remover. Peel Tec, which was introduced into independent paint stores and retail chains such as ITS, Leyland’s and Crown, soon had demand from loyal Wickes customers. They too wanted this user friendly, cost effective and non-aggressive product which would save them hours and hours of elbow grease and frustration! Paint and Graffiti just simply peels away!


Peel Tec has literally turned the industry on its head, removing all paints, lacquers and varnishes in minutes. This is truly incredible as Peel Tec is 100% Methyl Chloride Free! Not damaging the base material or you! The most effective paint and Graffiti remover the industry has seen…


…So much so.. Peel Tec has been awarded “Decorating Product of the Year 2021”


This is a much-coveted award and had many truly worthy contenders but no match for this revolutionary product which now replaces mechanical and heat methods (burning) of paint.


Peel Tec and the team at CT1 will be exhibiting once again the highly anticipated and nationally attended “The National Painting and Decorating Show” at the Rich Arena, accompanied by the well known and loved Bald Builders! – please register here for free tickets and get down to your designated Wickes store to pick up a can of Peel Tec!

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