5 MYTHS about decorators

(and how to demolish the misinformation)

Who is a real decorator? Is it always a chap who wears whites? Can anyone paint? A decorator isn’t JUST a painter either. I don’t know about you, but here are some myths we at Sultan Decorators Ltd would love to demolish:

1.  Anyone can paint

So your uncle painted his own walls and reckons it’s easy? Does he know how to properly prepare a surface, prime it and choose the right paint so that it lasts? It’s one of those persistent myths, which we just have to kill.

2. A real decorator only wears whites on the job

In the end of the day, the client wants to be sure that we are dressed in a safe and practical way. I know there have been heated discussions on the forum on this subject. Personally, I’ve never liked any dress codes so you can guess my view on the matter.

3. The best decorating quote is the cheapest one

A real decorator takes his time to go through the processes properly. They care deeply not only that the immediate result is stunning, but also that it lasts. A proper decorator wants their clients to recommend their work for years to come. If a tradesman is able to do their job for half the price of the market value, chances are he is cutting corners or using second rate materials.

4. Women can’t do a good job

Since joining the Decorators Forum I have got to know some amazingly skilled female professionals, and anyone who claims it’s a man’s job needs to take himself and his attitude back to the 1950s. End of story

5. The Cowboy Myth

Everyone and their aunt have seen that show Cowboy Builders. There are quite a few chancers out there and decorating is no exception when it comes to the trades. Unfortunately having a CSCS card or an NVQ is no guarantee that the tradesman  or woman is great at their job. As decorators, we have to show the client we are trustworthy and know our stuff. A solid online presence with reviews will go a long way but word of mouth is still the most reliable way of building a business. Unfortunately being a great decorator does not necessarily mean that you are an excellent marketer or communicator. Either you learn (seriously, it’s not impossible) – or, you team up with someone who can do these services for you.

I’m NOT a real decorator – I’m the communicator. My hussband and business partner, is not only a skilled painter – but also a meticulous tiler, floorer, and crafty builder. Together we run a small decorating company in Muswell Hill, London. During the short time I have spent in the business, I’ve realised that painting buildings can be an art form.  In some cases it’s practically a science. I’ve gained so much respect for you real painters decorators out there who are working hard to make people’s homes, businesses and public spaces look amazing.

Without decorators, the world would definitely look pretty drab. So let’s demolish these myths and go out there and paint the world frigging awesome!

Do you know any other decorating myths you would like to share? Let me know on  Twitter or on Facebook! Read more about another decorator’s take on the profession here.

by Diana Voxerbrant

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