Mythic Black Label Review

by Daniel Wilson

So I got this black label from the decorating store. 3.7L tin £22. 100% water based. No primer required, just a good key.

I thought I’d try it out on the inside door to my airing cupboard, as you can see it has never been painted in many years. Well I’ve been here 10 years and I have never done it anyway!

Overall it goes on smooth, nice flow to it. Covers well as you can see. It did cover in 2 but I gave it a 3rd and it looked better. But this was a very yellow door to begin with!!

The paint does dry quickly like normal waterbased, but seems to take longer to cure than other brands (isomat, Helmi etc).

It had a lovely flow to it though like it has been already mixed with xim just glides and brush marks flow out beautifully.

The semi gloss finish is similar to Dulux Diamond Satin. More of sheen than Helmi, Caparol or Isomat.

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