My Customer Has Been Ripped Off

By Anonymous


A customer of mine has been conned. Me and my mate Ron do roofing as well as decorating. We’ve quite a lot of work for them over the years, and last year we did quite a lot of roof work on their house. When it came to doing the front of their house, we discovered issues which needed sorting by a bigger company.

Basically, the bricks on the roof of the party wall had all come loose in one big lump, so they could have slid off and killed somebody at any moment. We were really busy and it was a bit big for us, so we told them to find a building/roofing company that Could do it.

Anyway, a few months later I’m painting at their house again and the man tells me they’ve had the work done, can Ron go up and check it over. So he goes up there and they’ve literally painted aqua seal all over the bricks and gulley and that is it. Like 20 mins work, and they’ve charged them £3000 and they’ve paid 😭. They we’re away at the time of the work so they didn’t know how long they were there etc.

I’m really p**sed off because it couldn’t have happened to nicer people.

The worst part about this is that he trusted them because they were on Checkatrade.