Life is Hard as a Self-Employed Decorator

By Sean Cahill


Ever just feel like pulling the stickers off your van packing it up? I have to say I have had a tough few months trying to grind a decent living. It’s tough out on your own! I’m going into my 3rd year as self-employed in 2020. I have been lucky starting out though, with local decorators willing to give me plenty of advice and even throw work my way. Coming from a small town that’s a rare and decent thing. Seen as a lot of lads some forums who seem to pounce and tear one another apart. I’d hate to live near those type of know it alls. Anyway, just said I’d go on a little rant get it off my chest. I’ll keep on pushing on. Happy Christmas to you all and I hope 2020 brings one and all of us plenty of work and luck 💪💪🎄🎄👌


Life is Hard as a Self-Employed Decorator – For more examples check out the Decorators Forum on Facebook , it’s an eye opener

I feel your pain man. 4th year at it myself. It doesn’t take much to fuck up a whole year. Bumpy start to the year, a good middle and a bumpy end. Learned a lot though. It’s certainly not easy.

Roonan Faughnan - Life is Hard as a Self-Employed Decorator

All the time Shane. The only thing is that, the know it alls are in every walk of life, they’re not only painters. I went out on my own at 22years old in 1997. Since then I’ve had odd stints working for lads, but mostly on my own.  There is good & bad, but chair me imagine having to put a suit on & go to work & have some twit, know it all nerd in a suit telling you what to do for the rest of your life. At that point, I tell myself to get a grip 🤣🤣. Ride the waves mate & be grateful we can move on & work anywhere 🥳🥳🥳

Sean Robertson - Life is Hard as a Self-Employed Decorator

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