Learning to spray, means learning to mask

I use Q1 in my training academy because it offers exceptional performance and at fair price. Many new sprayers have never tried it before and are often astounded by its quality, ease of application and the clean removal which is achieved every single time.

The Q1 range has come on leaps and bounds for the decorating market and the products are constantly evolving in line with what our industry needs.

Jamie Bourne

Expanding on his 17-years experience as a professional painter and decorator, Jamie Bourne opened a training academy in Chippenham, designed to offer a selection of high-quality spray courses for new and intermediate professionals.

Meticulous attention to detail has earned Jamie’s decorating business, Abode Decorating, a reputation for quality, which is something he teaches throughout all of his spraying courses, from best practice health and safety procedures to correct masking and best-in-class spraying techniques.

What Spray courses do you offer and what do they cover?

There are a variety of courses on offer which are suitable for different levels of experience and each course has a different set of outcomes. There is a beginner’s airless course, a furniture spraying class, as well as a kitchen spraying course and one which specialises in woodwork.

As with most areas of painting and decorating, good spraying requires excellent preparation, which is why each course covers different products and systems, health and safety and correct masking.

Using the right products and techniques for masking will make the overall finish of a much higher standard. When teaching masking in any of my classes, I promote the use of Q1 for application and performance quality, clean, residue free removal and price point.

What sort of masking tips do you teach on your course?

It’s important, especially when spraying, to understand firstly what you should mask and when you should mask it, before learning how best to mask it. I teach the theory of masking just as much as I teach best-practice techniques for masking.

Spraying isn’t as controlled as brush painting, so understanding how overspray might affect surrounding surfaces is vital for new spraying professionals.

Typically, we will discuss masking freshly painted areas, and things such as light switches and windows. It’s great to give people an understanding of how to use masking solutions such as drop films and tape dispensers too which can make the masking process much quicker.

Are you considering signing up for a spray course? Learn more about the Abode Training Academy in this short video, which includes some great tips on how to get the most out of Q1 tapes and masking solutions.


Learning to spray, means learning to mask

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