Johnstone’s paint StainAway Review

Johnstone’s StainAway Review

By Tomas Holloway


My name is Thomas Holloway and I have kindly been sent 5ltrs of Johnstone’s StainAway to review and test on behalf of the The Decorators Forum Review Team

Now I’ve previously heard of the StainAway and have been meaning to use the product for some time, however given the nature of its description I was very sceptical! A stain block and finish coat all wrapped up into one! Surely this sounds too good to be true, such as a Hershey’s chocolate bar without the fat 😊 The only reason I hadn’t bought some was the fact I’d had waterbased stain blocks fail on me in the past, so why would this one be different!

Johnstone’s StainAway Review

We recently started and completed a job where the bathroom above had unfortunately suffered a water leak and damaged the ceilings, therefore it was the perfect opportunity for us to try the Johnstone’s StainAway. The ceilings were being two coated anyway, so this eradicated the need for a separate stain block. We soon set to work on affected areas. I was pleasantly surprised with how white the StainAway was and the quality of the opacity. My colleague said to me these words “I like this stuff” and that was within the first few minutes. But would it hold back the water stains from above? Only time would tell.

Following the first coat od StainAway, we could still see slight discolouring through the paint, so at this time I was unsure if it was going to work. After 4 hours we began on the second coat. The white making it ever so white and within an instant we were done. But had the water stain come through!?!


Johnstone’s StainAway Results

We remained on site for a further four days and I have to tell you the ceilings looked like new with no signs of the stains reappearing! I am quite blown away with Johnstone’s StainAway! For areas that require blocking technology, or just pure white high opacity walls and ceilings I will certainly re use in the future. For more information click here


and that was my honest Johnstone’s StainAway Review. Fantastic product in my opinion by all accounts.


Thomas Holloway