Johnstone’s Aquagaurd Satinwood – A Two Coat System?

Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satinwood – A Two Coat System?

By Joe Elwick


Johnstone’s Aqua Guard Satinwood is a fully water-based satinwood designed for internal woodwork. The benefits of this over the Aqua Satinwood are, this is more durable and will not yellow at all. Not that the Aqua is a bad system, but it does come with its problems.

Has anyone else tried Aqua guard straight onto old oil based gloss? Johnstone’s tell you to use a coat of the Aqua undercoat, followed by two full coats of Aqua guard. I tried it with undercoat first, then without undercoat over keyed old oil gloss doors and skirts. It adhered just the same on both. Not just that but the finish looked pretty much the same too. Albeit, the 2 x satin compared to 1 x u/c & 1 x satin maybe had a slightly better sheen? It wasn’t really that noticeable though.

Both systems covered the creamy oil in two coats, both adhered the same, so first impressions of the Johnstone’s Aqua guard satinwood very good. If flows nicely, doesn’t wreck your brushes and leaves a nice finish.

Thing is, is that if I had to use an undercoat or primer and followed the manufacturer’s instructions, I would have been looking at a 3 coat system. You should really apply two topcoats of a water based trim product for durability and depth. You need to completely protect the surface. This is why I test the adhesion of these satins, if you can get away without a primer you’re laughing.


There is a full review coming soon on my channel, JoePro Decor

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Johnstone’s Aqua guard Satinwood – A Two Coat System?