Jiangxi Songcheng Masking Film Manufacturer



🔥 Manufacturer Dust Film, Plastic Drop Cloth, Masking Film, Masking Paper, Masking Tape! 🔥

👉A cost-effective way to mask off your painting projects, our Paint Masking Film comes in rolls of any size as your request. Perfect for protecting against overspray as well, and would make a great one-time use cover for the financially challenged painters.

👉It can be used for home improvement projects that require masking large areas at a time, ease of transport and storage.

👉Simply roll out required length and cut with scissors. Electrostatic charged for good cling to your project and corona treated for excellent paint adhesion. Paint will not flake off onto your project during use and removal.

👉Please note that it does come with masking tape.




Jiangxi Songcheng Masking Film Manufacturer

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