Introducing Tikkurila Optiva Nature


Kicking off 2022 with a very exciting new product launch. We are thrilled to introduce Optiva Nature; the first of our durable wall emulsions to be released with a partly bio-based binder.


30% of the raw materials that are usually fossil-based have been partly replaced with plant-based ingredients. This is the first step on our journey towards the future. An exciting product development that reflects an innovative and more sustainable facet of the paint industry.


Both the paint and outer packaging have been designed with the environment in mind: over 64% of the packaging is made from recycled raw materials to further reduce environmental impact.


Low-emission and fast drying, this water-based paint is classed as zero VOC and has been credited multiple eco-labels. It’s scrub-resistant, washable, and available in thousands of colours. The Optiva you already know and love, but with less fossil content.


To find out more about bio-based ingredients and what makes this development so important, visit our website:


Available to shop online and in-store now!

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Introducing Tikkurila Optiva Nature