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Introducing the Terraco Handymate range of easy to use DIY ready-mix fillers

Handymate is a superior quality, easy to use range of surface preparation and repair compounds developed by Terraco specifically for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) use.

With over 40 years of experience in producing high quality solutions, Terraco has developed this range keeping the homeowner in mind with special attention to user experience. The Handymate products are ready mixed and easy to apply.

The Handymate range, available in the UK from Addagrip Terraco, consists of 5 advanced formula repair products:

Handymate deep fill filler
  • Handymate Deep Fill – Non-shrink deep gap and crack filler. It is drillable when dry.

Handymate Deep Fill is perfect for gaps around light switches, sockets, and deeper repairs

  • Handymate Fast Drying Filler – Quick drying filler for general wall repairs. It is paintable in minutes.

Handymate Fast Drying filler is perfect for last minute repairs to gypsum board masonry and plaster

  • Handymate Flexible Filler – Paintable filler for gaps between masonry and wood. It is highly flexible and moisture resistant.

Handymate Flexible Filler is perfect for gaps along skirting boards and door frames.

  • Handymate Multi-purpose Filler – Interior & Exterior wall filler for general repairs. It has 30% more coverage than conventional fillers.

Handymate Multi-purpose Filler is perfect for general repairs of interior and exterior walls

  • Handymate Genius – Super lightweight filler for interior & exterior repairs. It has an advanced multi-functional formula.

Handymate Genius is perfect for difficult repairs to gypsum boards, masonry, plaster, wood and more.

Handymate products are designed to be user friendly and are easily usable by both amateur decorators as well as professionals. The range provides an enjoyable experience while ensuring peace of mind with ‘best-in-class’ quality of products at a cost-effective price. Each product in the range has been extensively tested against several performance criteria to assure professional results.

Available to buy from the Addagrip Terraco online shop

Contact Addagrip Terraco:  email or tel 01825 761333 for more information

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