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Innovative new airless spraying technologies

Updated Dec 11, 2022 | Posted May 16, 2019 | Industry news, Products | 0 comments

Innovative new airless spraying technologies

Do you want to know exactly where all your spraying machines are located? How many liters of paint each machine is spraying daily? Which sprayers are likely to need maintenance soon? You might have rough answers to these questions somewhere in an Excel file or on a notepad.

Now, you can get all this information automatically and easily on your smartphone or tablet with the innovative BlueLink technology from Graco.


Localize your equipment: BlueLink enables every machine connected by Bluetooth to a BlueLink app to be tracked. You will gain insight into where your machines are located – and their productivity too.

Easily follow job progress: BlueLink displays paint consumption in real-time, which allows on-time ordering of paint. Based on the collected data, you can easily make estimations for future jobs.

Extend equipment lifespan: Tell the app when a machine needs to go in for maintenance and the app will send a timely notification. Any issues arising while painting can be ‘recorded’ in the app. This makes it a lot easier to diagnose and service the machine.

Get assistance faster: BlueLink bundles information, from technical specifications of machinery to item numbers of parts. If you still need help, BlueLink will display the nearest Graco distributors based on your location.

Download BlueLink for free!

  • Available in 9 languages
  • Various measurement systems (Imperial, Metric etc.)
  • Does not require any contract or monthly subscription.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

Innovative new airless spraying technologies

BlueLink works with these great new Graco sprayers: Mark Max™, Ultra® Max II, ST Max™ II PC Pro, FinishPro™ II PC Pro.

All-day spraying comfort and control

You can now finish your jobs with less fatigue due to the innovative design of the Contractor PC™ Gun, and experience all the benefits of contractor preferred green low-pressure tips.

The new Contractor™ PC airless spray gun offers exceptional spraying comfort and control.

For the busy contractor with long, all-day spraying jobs, the Contractor PC gun is a highly ergonomic, durable solution with a lightweight design and easy trigger pull, reduced downtime with easy in-field repair without tools, and a low cost of ownership.

The gun is equipped with the Low Pressure RAC X LP 517 SwitchTip.


Innovative new airless spraying technologies

  • Comfort: it’s one of the lightest guns in its class and has up to 50% lighter trigger pull force compared to current guns
  • Control: with the E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length you can quickly customize trigger length to fit any hand size or situation
  • Speed: ease of field repairability without the need of a toolbox thanks to the exclusive ProConnect Replacement ‘needle’ Cartridge

Updated Dec 11, 2022 | Posted May 16, 2019 | 0 comments

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