By Harriet Stone


If I could pay someone else to go and quote for me, / or I was paid for quoting, I’d love my job. But as it stands, I HATE QUOTING. If you ever get anyone round for a quote in your house, please just be super nice to them. That’s their personal time, they’re giving you for free. The time to drive to you, the petrol, the time and petrol to drive home, and then the time spent working out the best materials and best was to do your job, the time to type all that up, and then send it. If you decline, all of their time and effort is a total waste. Aside from all that, there’s the added pressure of whether or not they’ve accurately guessed how long it will take to do something. And whether they’re guess fits your budget. (It’s very helpful if we know a budget to begin with)

People are starting to ring me for quotes again, and I literally want to crawl into a hole and die. It gives me major anxiety and that in turn affects every other aspect of my life.

Sorry for the rant facef**kers, I just needed to moan about this somewhere in the hope that someone feels the same way! 😅 or has an solution for me?! 👀 🖤✌🏻

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With 40yrs of knowledge and experience I normally can work out a rough estimate while at someone’s house and tell them there and then. If there happy and  the wish to proceed, I do a more detailed quote at home hence saving a lot of time and effort just for them to say “no thanks”

Kenny Bone - I hate quoting

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