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How Wethertex® Transformed Tired Brickwork

Updated Jul 26, 2022 | Posted Nov 26, 2021 | Product Advice, Professional insight | 1 comment

Market leading brand Wethertex revived the exterior of this Industrial Unit in Farnborough. In need of a refresh, the team at Texacote Ltd were tasked with transforming the tired brickwork of this industrial unit. Suffering from penetrating damp caused by porous brickwork and deteriorating pointing, the team had their work cut out and their weapon of choice was Wethertex.

Wethertex Registered Contractor Texacote Ltd began the transformation with the installation of the Wethertex GRC Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling Base Coat. A highly polymer modified and fibre reinforced high performance cement based waterproofing base coat, the GRC is celebrated for its excellent workability, low temperature application, suitability for mixed substrates and finishing time.

The GRC is versatile and can be applied by hand or spray and used as a scratch base coat ready for through coloured render or as a flat finish ready for a thin coat render. Following this, an M160 Reinforcement Mesh was applied to provide additional strength to those areas where two materials with different expansion coefficients met.


To finish, Wethertex LD77 Pliolite Light Texture Wall Coating was applied. Featuring market leading Pliolite® technology and certified by the British Board of Agrément, the LD77 offers a wide range of benefits including excellent breathability and adhesion which has been demonstrated to work effectively on properties for over 40 years.

In addition to this, the styrene acrylic resin in Pliolite technology features self-cleaning properties. Due to Pliolite resin containing a balance of particle sizes, this enables Wethertex wall coating to stay cleaner for longer. Over the lifespan of the coating, dirt fragments are collected and are cleaned away due to erosion of the microns on the surface of the coating. Finished in Mountain Grey, this property now has a contemporary, up to date, refreshed look.

For more information about Wethertex and the range of products available please email, call 01845 578555 or visit You can also follow @Wethertex_UK on Twitter, @Wethertex on Facebook, @Wethertex on Linked and @wethertex on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news.

How Wethertex® Transformed Tired Brickwork on Industrial Unit
How Wethertex® Transformed Tired Brickwork on Industrial Unit

Join Team Blue and receive all the benefits that come with being a Wethertex Registered Contractor including comprehensive support from our Technical Team including site support, technical drawings and specifications and a dedicated Technical Sales Manager who can support with lead generation.

For more information about becoming a Wethertex Registered Contractor, please email, call 01845 578555 or visit

This is brilliant!! We see Wethertex being discussed regularly on the Decorators Forum UK. I think learning that they have the infostructure in place to support and even trade decorators will be invaluable to a lot of tradesmen. Having the reassurance of being an “approved contractor” is a valuable selling point when it comes to winning jobs.

The Decorators Forum UK - How Wethertex® Transformed Tired Brickwork

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  1. V Nicol

    Does wethertex come in a clear coating ,which could be applied to a fyfestone wall ( front of north facing house ) .


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