How to Win Painting Jobs

By Tanner Mullen


There are only 2 ways to compete in sales: Price & Value.
That’s it.
There are different ways of making yourself seem valuable when estimating – For example:
Showing up on time
Smelling good
Being respectful (taking shoes off?)
Being thorough in your walk around
Offering suggestions
Alleviating concerns
Building rapport
Having a thorough estimate
Having clean marketing (nice business card?)
You get the idea….

If you fail at the above, the customer has nothing but PRICE to compare you to.
People aren’t lowballing you, or cheap. If you’re a professional in this industry, you’ve heard people say they are WILLING TO PAY MORE FOR A QUALITY PROFESSIONAL. (All caps for the emphasis.)

Anyway, when people make their decision, they will compare someone who did all of the above, versus someone who just came there, measured and gave a price.

They will then justify the difference in price because you’ve provided VALUE

However, if two bozos go into an estimate and both offer very little value, the only option for the customer is to go with the lowest price.
Make sense?


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