How to Reassure Your Customers During Coronavirus

Updated Mar 27, 2023 | Posted Mar 17, 2020 | Professional insight, Business | 8 comments

I am a self-employed decorator and just like many of you, I’m already feeling the effects of working during the pandemic. Job cancelations are looking likely, so I have just started to send this out to my clients who have already booked.

Not sure if others are doing anything similar, but I’ve had a great response from my customers. It just makes them feel safer.


“Dear suchabody

In light of the current situation, I will be carrying out the following small measures in hope you will be comfortable having me work in your home.

1) I will wear gloves at all times

2) I will provide my own drink via a flask

3) At the end of each working day I will use a cleaning wipe on all handles, surfaces etc

4) I will keep to the area that I am working in, except to use the WC.

5)I will inform you immediately if I feel unwell, develop a fever or cough.

6) likewise, I will expect you to inform me as in item 5.

7) I will be keeping a very small, trusted social circle and will follow all guidelines set by the government

8)if you feel you need to cancel the work, I would expect as much notice as possible as per the T&Cs in my quote “

There are some here I know that will feel this is over the top and bullsh*t, but I intend to try to keep busy and look after myself.

How to Reassure Your Customers During the Coronavirus – by Les Bamber LSB decorative painting

Updated Mar 27, 2023 | Posted Mar 17, 2020 | 8 comments


  1. Wayne Merrin

    This is extremely helpful. I’ve copied and pasted this to my clients via email.

    • Jim Corr

      Very useful.

    • Andrew James

      Personally if you issue these I feel you are committing to things that, if you miss, and something happens as a result of the miss, then you could be opening yourself up to some form of liability. And if you’ve drawn these up without legal guidance then your public liability insurance may not cover you.

      I’d take legal advice before issuing anything.

  2. Phoenix Ellis

    Very helpful indeed. I have copied this and will also use fpr my clients.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Trevor

      Very helpful thank you for taking the time to put it together

  3. Alla

    Very useful!!! and HELPful!!

  4. Mrs Wendy Ann Bruce

    WBrucePainting: sole trader. Thank you.

  5. Jayjay

    Not a bad idea. But since majority of all other work forces are ceased, i too have taken the decision to stop working. This virus is a risk i am not willing to take of passing on, and i am a sole trader whos reasonably healthy. I will just wait till worst has blown over, then back to doing what i do best….decorating. it will be hard with no money coming in but health over wealth everytime.


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