How to Make Home Renovations More Affordable

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Is your home looking a bit tired and dated as of late? Do you find yourself flipping through home décor magazines and websites drawing inspiration from all the trending styles? Do you wish you could impart a fresh new look in your home, but home renovations and updates are not in your budget? If money is holding you back, it’s time to take a creative approach. Here are some ways you can make home renovations and updates more affordable so that you can do them sooner than you thought.


Do the Work Yourself


One of the best ways to save money on home renovations and updates is to do the work yourself. Often it is the labour that is the most expensive part so if you can do all the work or even some of it, the costs decrease significantly. Now, this isn’t going to be practical for every project because some things require experts and professionals. But if you just want to update the home with fresh paint, a splashback in the kitchen, new hardware in the bathroom and/or kitchen, new light fixtures and so forth – there is no reason you can’t do that yourself.


Re-Purpose Existing Items


Another expert tip is to re-purpose existing items and just give them a new look. You can refinish wood furniture and cupboards, use slipcovers to make an old couch look new, reupholster furniture, use an area rug as a wall-hanging and so forth. Re-purposing existing items takes imagination and often the result will be unique and bring character to the home.


Strive for Balance Where Quality is Concerned


It’s tempting to want to use all high-quality materials, but this will result in a very high cost. Instead, it’s a good idea to strive for balance by mixing low-end with high-end materials. The result will be beautiful, and no one will be able to tell which materials are the cheaper ones.

As KLIC Home says, “In home renovation, it’s not always about using the priciest materials. It’s about smartly blending high-end with cost-effective options, achieving a premium look without the premium price.”


There’s Nothing Wrong with Shopping the Sales


Sales can also have a big impact on your budget. Whether it is home decor pieces, furniture, building materials, hardware or fixtures, waiting for sales will help you to stretch the budget further. Sometimes, pieces that are out of season or from the previous year will be heavily discounted, offering another way to save money.


Find Cost-Savings Elsewhere in the Home


Then there is the fact you can look to save money elsewhere in the home. Take for example your home insurance — a necessary expense, but one you may currently be over-spending on. You could research home insurance comparison quotes to get an idea of what you could be saving. A home insurance comparison is simple and quick to do.

Other areas you could find savings include energy efficiency tips to cut down on energy usage, cutting back on your streaming services and becoming a smarter shopper where groceries are concerned. It’s tips like these that will allow you to grow your savings much faster.

Once you start to use tips like these and draw up a budget, you may be surprised to see just how affordable your home renovation project is.

Updated Oct 24, 2023 | Posted Jun 14, 2022 | 0 comments

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