How to Decorate and Spruce up Your Outdoor Walls

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Most people focus on interior decorations, often neglecting their homes’ exteriors. Decorating outdoor features can excellently brighten your otherwise uninspiring space. Fortunately, you shouldn’t necessarily revamp the entire backyard to create an impact. Simple updates like painting the deck, refreshing patio furniture, and some touch-ups to the exterior wall can improve your outdoor appearance. This deck stain calculator can help you make rough cost estimates.

Whether you have a small or large outdoor area, decorating your outdoor walls can turn it into a focal point and make it a perfect backdrop for your backyard. Below are a few tips for decorating outdoor walls.

1.     Cover plain walls with trellis

Featureless external walls are very uninspiring. Painting the walls with calming colors is an effortless way of brightening up the space without much effort. If the timber or brickwork is in bad condition, covering it with wooden paneling can disguise these imperfections. You can use horizontal fence panels to create a vertical garden to display potted plants. Most potted plants come with hooks, which make them easy to mount. Consider painting the panels black to create a perfect contrast. Take note of the following:

  • Choose low-maintenance vines or plants, especially if the walls face away from the sun.
  • Your walls should be sturdy enough to support the plants
  • Prepare your tools if you should drill holes to install hooks.

2.     Use metal wall art

A simplistic metal wall art is another excellent outdoor wall décor idea recommended by professional decorators. Metal is a good material of choice for outdoor spaces because it can withstand harsh elements, is sturdy, and brings out a minimalist and industrial vibe. Metal art pieces create a perfect focal point, especially for small and narrow walls.

You can also use fence toppers and metal screens to block neighbors’ views for privacy reasons if your outdoor walls are low. Small metal art pieces are also perfect for small walls. However, like a trellis, ensure your walls are strong enough to support these pieces.

3.     Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is a perfect option for creating cozy and romantic-looking outdoor walls. Essentially, your outdoor lights should be both useful and beautiful. Choosing the perfect outdoor lighting adds color and character to your walls. If your outdoor walls are small or narrow, you should consider static porch lights or wall-mounted LEDs.

Regardless of your preferred outdoor lighting, ensure the fixture perfectly suits the intended use of the space. For instance, pendant lights are a perfect option if there’s minimal natural light exposure. Similarly, choose solar lamps or chandeliers if your backyard is expensive, with plenty of natural light and trees.

While at it, avoid choosing outdoor wall lights haphazardly. Your preferred option should complement your outdoor decoration style. Ensure the lighting blends with other exterior décor and the landscape. Outdoor lighting should also be compatible with the electrical system. This means you should have weather-proof electrical access in your backyard. You should consider environmental-friendly solar-powered lights.

4.     Paint a mural

Murals are also a popular option for outdoor wall decoration. Unlike plants and other installations, they are affordable, require no maintenance, are attractive, and are very versatile. You will also always find an appealing mural, regardless of your taste or personal preference. Painting a mural is easy, especially if you are a professional artist. If you aren’t, hiring a mural artist or someone specializing in graffiti isn’t expensive.

5.     Feature brickwork

Most people get wary about using brickwork in their outdoor walls. If installed properly, brickwork is an attractive way of decorating your exterior walls. However, unlike other options mentioned above, brickwork requires more planning. If you don’t like actual bricks or they simply don’t fit your exterior walls, consider using faux bricks.

Faux bricks are made from high-density polyurethane and closely resemble the actual bricks. Some faux bricks are available in panels, making them easy to install. However, it should be done by professionals for quality work and longevity. Choosing brickwork for your exterior walls requires that you choose from the many options available. Your choice should reflect and complement your home’s style.


A perfectly done exterior wall cover makes the difference between an eye-catching and boring backyard. With the blank wall as a canvas ready for transformation, you should explore various creative options to improve the appearance of your outdoor wall. Your wall design ideas should improve aesthetics and functionality. Other excellent ideas include creating a gallery wall, going halves with color, installing a shelf display, and adding a sculptural planter.

Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Apr 6, 2023 | 0 comments


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