How To Clean Up After A Remodel

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How To Clean Up After A Remodel

Remodeling projects can give your home a much-needed upgrade. However, it can be a messy affair. While you may be excited to see the final result of a remodeling project, you first need to do some work to clean up all dust, dirt, and debris caused by the renovation process. 

That said, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This article shares a few tips and steps to efficiently clean your home after remodeling

  • Open The Windows And Doors

Before doing anything, open all windows and doors in the area. You don’t want to inhale all the settled dust and dirt from the construction process. By opening all windows and doors, you can let the fresh air in while letting the dust out. It also helps ventilate the room, removing chemical smells from household cleaners and detergents faster. 

  • Start With Bigger Waste

After a remodel, large heaps of spare materials and waste are probably lying around. Several unwanted items are probably scattered around your home, from wood shavings, material clippings, and plastic packaging to stray nails and fasteners. Also, you may need to dispose of old materials that were removed and replaced, such as old kitchen cabinets and broken tiles. 

You need to gather all these together and clear them up. If you need help removing large amounts of remodeling waste, consider hiring a professional rubbish removal. These experts help collect and haul away all trash from your doorstep. You can visit websites like to learn more about these rubbish removal experts and the services they can offer you.

  • Vacuum Upholstery And Floor

Once the larger wastes are gone, you can start vacuuming the area. In general, most homeowners decide to dust walls and other surfaces before vacuuming. However, as you move through the space, dust and dirt from the floor are agitated, causing them to float in the air. Thus, it’s best to vacuum up the worst of the dirt. 

That said, you want to focus most on your upholstery. Even if you took the necessary precautions to protect your upholstery, for instance, covering your sofa in plastic or fabric sheets, construction dust and dirt have a way of entering your furniture. While your upholstery may look clean, it might still hold a lot of grime and dust in the fabric. 

As such, you want to vacuum your furniture and upholstery thoroughly. This helps prevent allergic reactions such as skin itchiness when lounging on your sofa. If possible, consider vacuuming your furniture outside. Leave them there as you clean your way onto the newly-remodeled space to prevent dust and dirt in the air from sticking to your furniture again. 

After your upholstery, vacuum the floors to remove dust and dirt. Take your time vacuuming the flooring surface, especially if it’s carpeted. 

  • Dusting

After vacuuming most of the dust, you can start wiping off surfaces. You can begin the dusting process at the top of the room, pushing the dust downward. Wipe off ceiling fans and lighting, then hidden nooks of your ceiling design, if there are any. Wipe down the area’s walls, cabinets, tables, and any items.  

In particular, cleaning cabinets may require a bit more effort. Make sure to remove everything within, wiping it down inside each cabinet. Then, you can start wiping and returning each item back to its place. 

Also, don’t forget to wipe down windows and doors. Windows, in particular, should be cleaned with a wet cloth to remove lint and prevent a murky look. 

  • Clean Air Filters And Vents

Your HVAC filters and vents trap a lot of dirt and debris during construction. As such, you want to take the time to clean its filters, vents, and grates. This ensures that when you open your HVAC system, it won’t blow out dirt and dust into an immaculately clean space. 

Remove the grates and filters and wash them with running water. If you have a disposable filter, consider replacing it right away. To ensure that the vents are squeaky clean, consider vacuuming the inside. 

If you’re unsure how to clean your HVAC system, consider hiring an HVAC specialist to clean and maintain the system, preventing the spread of particles and dust. 

  • Take A Break And Vacuum Again

Once you’ve dusted all possible surfaces, you can take a few minutes to rest. Doing so encourages dust to settle on the floor instead of floating in the air. This makes it easier to clean and vacuum the remaining particles. 

  • Hire Professional Cleaners

Whether you don’t have the time to clean up after renovation or need extra hands to deep-clean a large surface, hiring professional cleaners is a practical choice. These professionals have the necessary protective equipment and tools for more efficient home remodeling cleanup. And since multiple technicians are cleaning every inch of the area, post-remodeling cleanup is completed faster so you can enjoy the area sooner. 


Nobody really likes to clean up after a long home remodeling. However, it’s an essential step before you can finally relax and enjoy your new space. The sooner you finish cleaning your space, the sooner you can see and enjoy the changes and upgrades in your new home. And by following the above tips, you can streamline the cleaning process to finally see the big picture. 

Posted Mar 20, 2023 | 0 comments


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