Household Storage Tips For Seasonal Decorations

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Different seasons come with varying decor demands. Typically, you’d want to switch the decor whenever the weather changes around the onset of spring, summer, winter and autumn. Pulling down decor at the end of a season leaves you with a heap of decor items to stash away. It might not be wise to discard all decor items because they’re usually pricey.

With such money on the line, it’d be prudent to preserve some decor for the next season instead of buying everything all over again. That’s where the storage question comes in. You need an intelligent approach to store all your decor items and leave your home neat. Below are some handy tips to consider:


Get suitable storage containers

Most certainly, you don’t expect to stash all your decorations directly in your cupboards or inbuilt shelves. It’s best to put them into appropriate containers, which you place on the shelves. A storage tote would be an excellent fit for many items because of its sturdy build, built-in handles, air-tight lids, portability and aesthetics. You can choose any colour, perhaps to match your home’s scheme, but clear containers might be the best for a quick view of the contents.

What is the easiest way to store Christmas decorations?

Aside from totes, you can consider plastic milk crates, cylinder-shaped clear plastic storage bags, foldable underbed bags, vaults, outdoor deck boxes and clear plastic bins. Whatever container you choose, it’s also essential to label them clearly to know the contents at a glance.


Hire storage units

Tiny houses are growing in popularity across the U.S. and globally, with 115 tiny house villages identified in the U.S. in 2020. If you also live in a small house, you may not have enough storage space for your seasonal decor.

An excellent option, in this case, is hiring storage units in your neighbourhood. It saves you a lot of space in your home, making the latter livable. You can rent whatever size you wish and for as long as you desire. Reliable storage solutions firms will keep your items in safe lockers, shielding them from damage of any kind or theft. Once the right season comes, you return to their premises to pick your decor items, and the cycle continues.


Group similar items

A critical aspect of storage is easy retrieval. Getting specific decor items from the shelves shouldn’t take much time. To facilitate quick retrieval, you’d want to group like items. For instance, you can store items with similar colours in one container. Such visual organisation makes it easy to spot a specific decor item.

Furthermore, you’d want to group items made from similar materials. Let all plastic items be in one corner, and do the same for wooden, metal, rubber and fabric decor. Another idea is to band together decor items according to their function. For instance, you can group candlesticks, picture frames, flowers, animals, bugs, fasteners, game pieces, stencils, or embroidery.

On the same note, you may want to organise your decor storage according to seasons. Having all winter decor accessories in one corner makes your work easier when the season approaches. You know exactly which containers to open for the needed paraphernalia.


Pack compactly

As mentioned earlier, saving space is crucial when it comes to storage. In most cases, you don’t have unlimited space at your disposal. Thus, packing should be as compact as possible. An excellent approach is nesting items together. Some large and medium decor items may have some hollow space. Instead of leaving this empty, you can fit in smaller decor items. Nest as much as you can, making sure not to exert undue pressure on any accessory, as it can get damaged.


Store vertically

Vertical storage allows you to access items much more quickly. Think about picture frames. If stacked on top of each other, you may have to remove the entire pile to pick the bottom piece. Moreover, such a storage style doesn’t allow you to preview the contents of the frames before retrieving one. A better technique is standing the frames vertically on the shelves. It becomes much easier to browse through the pack and get whichever piece you want.


Keep rodents and pests away

Rodents and pests, like cockroaches, can cause significant damage to your decor items by gnawing, nest-making, defecating and urinating. You’d want to seal all gaps on the walls and roof of your storage room. Remember, rats can squeeze through holes as tiny as a centimetre in diameter. So, you’d want to be thorough with the sealing. You can also set traps around your storage space.



Storing seasonal decorations requires adequate planning. First and foremost, you must get suitable storage containers with enough capacity to lock in your items. If you don’t have enough space at home, you may consider hiring nearby storage units. Storing decorations in an organised way leaves your home neat and paves the way for quick retrieval.

Updated Apr 15, 2024 | Posted Jan 13, 2023 | 0 comments


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