HMG Contract Matt Emulsion Review

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I have been using HMG products for a while now and I can’t fault them. I was using Tikkurila Anti-Reflex2 or eclipse on ceilings. However, Anti-Reflex is becoming too expensive, and eclipse is always full of skin.

HMG contract matt is smooth, the correct viscosity and awesome opacity. It doesn’t flash or dry too quickly, leaving you with a flat flawless finish. I know it is only a contract matt, but this paint is perfect on a ceiling. I even use it in my own house.

HMG have accepted numerous awards, such as the UK Coatings Care award. They were also the first independent UK Paint Company to be awarded British Standards quality BS5750 (FM1524). HMG’s Head office and primary manufacturing plant is based in Manchester, UK. It’s fair to say I’m a HMG fan. It’s a shame they tend to go under the radar with a lot of professional decorators.


My HMG Contract Matt Review


HMG Contract Matt Emulsion is a water-based decorative trade matt emulsion which has excellent opacity which improves as the paint dries. Excellent results can be achieved with a single coat over previously painted surfaces. Two coats of HMG contract matt will easily cover bare plaster. Designed for easy application on interior plaster walls and ceilings. Touch dry in around an hour and recoat in 2 hours. You can buy HMG contract matt from TopDec Decorating Centre.

I particularly like using HMG contract matt on ceilings, as the finish is dead flat. You see no flashing or picture framing. Instead, you’re left with a luxurious finish that any homeowner will love. It is a great product to use when painting large open plan room.

Although this paint will also look great on walls, as with any contract matt, it isn’t very durable. You might use a product like this on a building site, but you wouldn’t use it on the walls in a domestic bedroom or lounge.



Contract matt water-based

Ideal for new work application

Good covering power

A full bodied matt finish

Suitable for walls and ceilings


HMG contract matt emulsion review – by Daniel James Wilson

Updated Jul 12, 2022 | Posted Mar 3, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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