Help end van and tool theft – Sign the petition


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Please help reduce van and tool theft by signing this petition.


Why is this so important?

A van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK.

Yet 4 out of 10 new vans aren’t factory fitted with an audible alarm.

It is unacceptable that basic measures like this are not a legal requirement.


Tool theft not only costs the victim thousands of pounds in damages, but it also takes away that person’s ability to earn money. Causing untold devastation to their lives.


How is this different to other petitions?

This petition is asking for very specific action. By asking to make it a legal requirement for all vans sold in the UK to be factory fitted with a Category 1 alarm there is no wiggle room to receive an ambiguous answer from the government. It needs to be either a yes, or a no.


History also proves that this sort of change is possible, as on October 1st, 1998 it was made a legal requirement for a category 2 immobiliser to be factory fitted to all cars sold in the UK.


All this petition is asking for is to upgrade that to a category 1 alarm.


Please sign and share if you believe tool theft needs to be stopped.


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Tool theft is a massive issue in the UK and it is devastating. A large proportion of the time, a tradesman’s tools are not covered by insurance, so tool theft can make it impossible for a trade to carry on earning a living. If this petition gains enough momentum it can make a real difference. Including a better alarm system on new vans is common sense really, and it’s something we can all get behind.



Help end van and tool theft – Sign the petition

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