Heat, Hight and Spray Painting Insurance Help

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 Ever wondered why spray painting, working at height or using a heat gun can make getting  affordable decorators insurance hard or push your premiums through the roof?   

We asked John Palmer at Coversure Insurance Poole and below he explains why and tells you how you can cut the costs of cover with an exclusive Decorators Forum UK insurance discount. 

Over to you, John… 

Paint Spraying Insurance Help


Many insurance brokers won’t cover decorators who do paint spraying.  The main reason for this is overspraying, especially while working outside.  No matter how careful you are a gust of wind can send paint over cars, property and people and leave your insurer with a sizeable claim on your liability policy.  

Many insurers ‘solution’ to this has been to either ramp up premiums or simply refuse cover – neither of which is ideal when you’re just trying to make a living.  In the US things have got so bad that 9 out of 10 decorators either aren’t covered for spray painting or worse, don’t have any liability cover at all. 

At Coversure Poole we can cover you for spray painting, and as we’re the Decorators Forum UK’s official insurance partner we’ll give you an exclusive extra discount!  So, if you need paint spraying insurance, then give the team a call on (01202) 801 782 to start your quote.

Through us you can get a policy that offers you: 

  • Cover for spray painting  
  • Public and product liability up to £5 million 
  • Employers liability of £10 million 
  • Contractors all-risks insurance which provides cover for: 
  • Contract Works 
  • Owned plant 
  • Hired-in plant 
  • Employees’ tools 
  • Essential legal expenses at £100,000 


Painting At Height Insurance Help 


This is another troublesome occupation for insurers.  Again, the problem is the public liability element of your policy.  Drop a brush or kick over an open tin of paint when you’re up a ladder or on a low scaffold and the worst that’s likely to happen is some localised spillage.  Dull but hardly catastrophic.  If the same thing happens when you’re working at height then it can be a very different story.  Paint can be blown over a wide distance covering cars, buildings and passers-by.  Worse, if a tin or a tool goes over the edge it could injure or even kill someone. 

If you’re working at height then you need to get a policy that will cover you for this.  While this can be tricky we can help.  We can arrange a liability policy that will cover you for the extra risks of working at height and offer you an exclusive discount for being a Decorators Forum UK member.   

To find out more, call us on (01202) 801 782 and quote DFUK to claim your negotiated discount.


Working With Heat Insurance Help 


Using a heat gun to prep surfaces saves a tonne of time, is a lot less effort than sanding, is more environmentally friendly than using solvents and gives a great surface to work on.   


The downside, of course, is that it can send embers flying which can cause fires, damage property or cause injury.  Such risks can make insurers nervy and a nervy insurer is one that’s likely to either ramp up the cost of your cover or not offer cover at all. 

If you use heat as part of your work and want to cut the cost of your insurance cover then call Coversure Poole on (01202) 801 782 and quote “Decorators Forum UK”.  Weve access to some great value policies that can give you the specialist help you need, and as a Decorators Forum UK member you’ll get an extra discount. 

Final Thoughts


The moral of the story is, always check to see if you’re covered. Heat, hight and spray painting is not normally covered as part of a decorator’s liability insurance. Sometimes it’s better to talk to someone about the cover you need. That way, you know there are never going to be any nasty surprises further down the road.

Updated May 9, 2024 | Posted Mar 1, 2021 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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