Hanford & Green Review and Guide

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Hanford & Green is a paint manufactured in Britain by a company called Andura. It is mostly aimed at the higher end retail market; however professional decorators also love the products.

In this blog I’m going to give you my honest opinions on some of the more mainstream products. This is my Hanford & Green Review and Guide, I hope you find it useful.

Hanford & Green Acrylic Matt

This is a durable matt emulsion suitable for interior walls and ceilings. It is available in white, as well as tinted colours. The sheen level is around 3%, making it a true matt. The acrylic matt also boasts a class 1 wet scrub rating, meaning for a matt it is exceptionally durable.

The ease of use and opacity are good, as is the finish. The white is great for ceilings as you do not experience any roller marks or picture framing. This is fantastic really, as you can struggle to get a nice finish in white with some of the other durable matt emulsion products.

The big negative for Hanford & Green Acrylic Matt is the price. Yes, it is a good product, but it is expensive. If price isn’t an issue, you will enjoy using this product.


Hanford & Green Acrylic Satin


This is a fully water-based satinwood for interior woodwork such as doors and frames. Being a fully water-based paint, it will never discolour or turn yellow. A fantastic quality this paint has, is it does not require an adhesion primer when it is being applied over old oil-based coatings.

Opacity, ease of use and overall finish are all absolutely bang on! This really is a good product in almost every respect. 2 coats are all that is generally needed over previously painted, or primed woodwork. However, as with many water-based paints, it is not what you’d describe as “durable”. You can easily mark a finished skirting board just by scuffing it with your boot. These marks don’t generally wipe off either.


Hanford & Green Acrylic Gloss


The acrylic gloss really is a good product! Opacity is fantastic, you can apply it over old oil-based paints without the need to first apply an adhesion primer and the finish is fantastic!! You need to ease the paint slightly before use to eliminate brush marks. Unlike the satin, Hanford & Green acrylic gloss is very durable. This could easily be one of the best water-based gloss products on the market.

Hanford & Green Review and Guide – by Mike Gregory

Updated Sep 29, 2022 | Posted Mar 29, 2021 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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