Hanford & Green Acrylic durable flat matt

Hanford & Green – Acrylic Matt Emulsion

By Daniel Wilson


Product information.

Acrylic Matt has a flat, chalky finish, perfect for interior ceilings and walls. It can be used as primer for bare wood and a mist coat for sealing new plaster, plasterboard prior to applying topcoats. This means one product Is all you need. I will be reviewing this product in white today, however it is available in tinted colours.


Physical Properties.

Sheen level 3%. Coverage – Up to 20m2 per litre. Touch dry in 20 mins and recoat in 1 hour, which menas it is very fast drying. Class 1 scrub Description; It can be difficult writing a review on emulsion as they all tend cover in 2 coats and have a class 1 scrub rating. However, I used this product in various applications.


Firstly, I used the white emulsion on a ceiling as the room was being wallpapered. I wanted to see how the ceiling looked with a 3% sheen and its durability for the wallpaper cutting and wiping off the paste residue. The ceiling looked great after 2 coats and it was a very solid. It was a clean white and looked very good. As for the wallpaper and cutting/wiping. it held up well. It is tough and easy wiped away, leaving no chalky paint residue on the cloth.


My next test was on a cream wall previously painting in silk. 2 coats and a solid finish and there was no crazing. I did a scratch test the following day and it was again solid.


My final test was applying 2 coats to a piece of plasterboard. After a few days I rubbed tomato puree, mustard and scuffed the paint with a black rubber boot. All marks easily wiped away the rubber I had to scrub, but no problem for the paint.It passed the durability test with flying colours.



Now Hanford & Green is thin compared to other makes, but I used brush and roller. No flashing was observed. The paint is a very solid white finish. What was more impressive was its flow rate. It really was lovely to work with. The paint glides off your brush making cutting in very easy. It is like spreading melted butter over a warm crumpet.



Where can I see Hanford & Green Acrylic Matt Emulsion being used? Well in the trade we have many class 1 emulsions at good prices. Crown clean extreme, Johnstone perfect white, Dulux Scuff Guard, Tikkurila Opitva 3/5. So due to its availability I really can’t see it being used in this environment, unless we start to see it on shelves in our regular trade outlets. However, I can see interior designers like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen using this product as not only is it more durable than the trade alternatives, but it would quite easily sit amongst the following Cox and cox, Craig and rose, Farrow and ball, Little green. All in all it’s a great quality products and I would recommend it to anyone.


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Hanford & Green – Acrylic Matt Emulsion