Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss Review - a water-based gloss

Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss Review

By Daniel Wilson


Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss is interior & Exterior, ultra-tough, water-based paint with a Class 1 scrub rating. Unlike oil-based paints, this will not fade. Self-undercoating, even on previously painted surfaces.



Physical Properties


Sheen level 80%

Coverage – Up to 20m2 per litre.

Touch dry in 20 mins and recoat in 1 hour.

Class 1 scrub Description


It is hard to find a water-based gloss which isn’t a hybrid. However, Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss is a fully water-based paint. I was very keen to get started and put it to a good test.


Firstly, I painted it on a wood sample against a leading water-based paint brand, Caparol Pu Gloss. I left the two paints to cure for 21 days so I could test their durability.


My second test was in my airing cupboard as the architrave was very yellow. I thought this would be great to test the adhesion between the Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss and old oil-based paint (something most water-based paints struggle with).




Now the paint is thicker than the other brands I’m used to, but I wanted to test the product as it comes. Application was by brush and roller.


The Durability of Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss


Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss was a lovely paint to work with. It really flows well off your brush. Its drying time and recoat time are very impressive. The second coat flows as nicely as the first, even after only 1 hour drying time. This is brilliant for a trim product!!


For the durability test I used a non-permanent pen, curry and black rubber boot. The food was left on the gloss for 1 hour before removal. All stains wiped off with a cloth, but a soapy scrub was required to remove the stains. However, the gloss still looked solid after this. I’m confident this is a durable product.


The Adhesion of Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss


I hand sanded the yellow architrave with 120 grade sandpaper and applied the gloss without the use of an undercoat. It was solid after two coats and looked awesome. After 24 hours I tried to scratch it off and it did not move.


My only negative is, although the paint flows very well, the overall finish is not as good as other brands. Brush marks are clearly visible. You can achieve the perfect finish when using Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss, but you need to thin the product before use.



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hanford and green durability
Hanford & Green Acrylic High Gloss Review

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