Hanford and Green Paint


I was sent some Hanford and Green paint by the Decorators Forum UK to test out. I thought I’d give a little bit of feedback about the products.


I for one am loving the acrylic satin. It is great opacity, 2 coats straight on pre primed doors and jobs a good un. Fantastic bit of gear. It was a tad thick for my liking, but a spot of water and a good mix and it was spot on. I would go and buy this gear for any type of job. The fact the recoat times is only an hour and the coverage is great. (Showed a picture of 1 coat on top of a bare door to show)


As for the Hanfor and Green white matt, I am impressed with it. Opacity is good and it is durable.  The problem is you can buy similar or better paint for a lot less money. Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 for example, a paint I really like. It is cheaper than Hanford and Green and the fact you can touch it up without it flashing.


Hanford and green acrylic satin and matt emulsion
the best satin paint to cover a door

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