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Handymen get a lot of Stick

Updated Jul 10, 2022 | Posted May 11, 2022 | Life of a Decorator, Professional insight | 1 comment

I notice that Handymen get a lot of stick on DFUK, so I’d like to own up and say I’m a handyman!! I’m ready for the stick I’m about to get on this post 🙋‍♂️

As a handyman, I can do lots of other things and have many different skills (without blowing my own trumpet too much). For example, I worked as an electricians’ mate for a number of years after leaving my job as a painter and decorator. So, the skills I have include being able to do minor electrical alterations, putting up TV’s etc etc.

I even laid a patio last week and have extended my skills into plumbing within the last few years too.

So, my point is this; Who else can say they have other skills? I’m interested to know if there are many other multi trades on the group?


I carry out all aspects of decorating too by the way. Everything from wallpapering to airless spraying. I have all the kit, including dust free sanders and a van full of different brushes. No one can say that I’m not a skilled decorator. I can hold my own with the best of you.

Also, I have a question. Apparently, any handyman can do painting, right? But can any painter do handyman stuff? I think that makes the handyman more skilled than any painter 😉

I don’t understand why handymen get so much stick, because it’s completely unjust.

I’ve attached some pictures of my work to show I’m not a dosser.

Ready for the stick I’m going to get 😂. I thought this might be interesting to discuss

Lastly, feel free to follow my company on Instagram

Handymen get a lot of Stick
Handymen get a lot of Stick

Updated Jul 10, 2022 | Posted May 11, 2022 | 1 comment

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1 Comment

  1. Phil

    Looks great to me Billy. I too take on jobs other than decorating. I took courses in plastering, plumbing and carpentry during evenings. It means I can crack on with jobs without waiting for other trades to do their bit. Although decorating remains my main trade, it’s a great variation when you get to do an entire bathroom or even a full house renovation. Keeps it interesting.


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