Hamilton roller sleeve and paint roller review

Hamilton Roller Sleeve Review

By Mike Gregory


Hamilton paint rollers are quite possibly the brand leader amongst professional decorators. In fact, you can buy them from pretty much every trade decorating centre in the UK. As a professional myself, it’s a brand I use regularly. So, I thought I’d take the time to write a quick Hamilton roller sleeve review for the Decorators Forum UK. I hope you find it useful.


I’m going to talk about the different paint rollers that Hamilton manufacture. Each of these roller sleeves is available in 4 inch (mini), 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch, so just choose the one that best suits the job in hand. Personally, I use the mini rollers for painting doors and behind radiators, the 9 inch for some walls and the 12 inch for larger jobs and ceilings.


Hamilton Perfection Short Pile Sleeve – White


This is a great roller sleeve for trim paints such as undercoat, gloss, satinwood and eggshell, regardless of whether it’s water, or oil-based paint. According to the packet, you can also use them in emulsion, although I wouldn’t as you generally get some track marks with any short pile roller sleeve on walls and ceilings. But for glossing doors or painting skirting boards, there is nothing better in my honest opinion.


It’s made with microfiber, meaning it won’t shed, and the material Hamilton use will not be affected by any of the solvents in oil-based paint. It distributes paint nice and evenly, making it easy for you to manipulate the material as you need.


Hamilton Perfection medium Pile Sleeve – Green


These are my preferred roller sleeve for walls on most domestic decorating jobs, especially when I’m using a good quality, or durable emulsion. For a medium pile roller, these hold a lot of paint, meaning you can get it on, then lay it off.


The reason I choose to use Hamilton medium pile for emulsioning walls is the smooth finish I can achieve when using it. There is very little in the way of texture on the finished wall.


Hamilton Perfection Long Pile Roller Sleeve


I use the long pile sleeve for ceilings, house bashing, and exterior masonry. They’re great to use on the internal of a property when you need to apply a lot of material on every coat, but the overall finish does not need to be completely smooth. You need a long pile sleeve when applying masonry paint so you can push the paint into every little crack.


These Hamilton Perfection long pile are great. They do everything they need to do, hold plenty of paint and don’t shed loads of fibres (although there will be some on the first use).

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Hamilton Roller Sleeve Review