Easi-fill Ready Mixed Filler from Gyproc

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I was sent the Gypro Easi-ifill ready mixed filler to review from the Decorators Forum UK and asked to provide an honest review. When these arrived, I have to be honest, a little bit of me did think ‘seriously, how many containers do I need’, But I genuinely loved these and I really liked having three smaller containers within reach to use for a specific job.

They really are aimed at the trade market as I don’t think anybody doing DIY would ever buy multiple containers, but if they did, no one will be disappointed. Click here to see online prices.


Easi-fill Ready Mixed Filler comes in three versions:

Easi-Filler Finish – Fine finish and surface damage. This filler is quick drying and perfect for surface imperfections.

Easi-Filler Multipurpose – for general holes and cracks. This would be used on just about anything internally.

Easi-Filler Light – for deep holes


  • The right filer for the right job at your finger tips.
  • Beautiful consistency and easy to use
  • Doesn’t drag on application
  • Dries quick enough that you can use multiple products on top of each other and then leave over night to dry
  • Fine surface can be sanded in the same day with ease
  • No plastic on the top of filler! I love this, nothing more annoying that filler drying out around edges! Or constantly having to work around the plastic film


  • For deep holes/chases it takes too long to dry, its minor but as its designed for 25mm its worth mentioning.

My Gyproc Ready Mixed Filler Review


It ook me a little while to use these fillers as we really did want to test a multitude of aspects on how they would perform. In the end I trailed them in my own house in the downstairs toilet. Unexciting you may think, but that room had artex ceilings, a stud wall taken out, electrics chased in, quite a few screws removed, a lot of surface damage after removal of wallpaper and no mist coat, a section of ceiling removed for access and finally 10cm coving removed around the entire (albeit small) room.

I used these fillers for every repair listed above in this room. And although you probably never would buy one of these smaller containers to skim over artex, it did it beautifully. Applied with blades and a trowel it just applies so smoothly. I used all three on the ceiling, firstly I had a section of ceiling removed for access so once I had fitted a new piece of plasterboard I then used the ‘deepfill’ on the deeper gap, screw holes and levelling off the difference of height. The next day I used the ‘multipurpose’ over the entire ceiling, trowelled on with ease, and finally once dry I sanded and then used the ‘fine filler’ for the final coat. Its as good as if it was trowelled with multifinish. This I probably wouldn’t do on a site, purely because of the cost and we can both plaster so makes sense to actually skim. But what it does show you is how great these are for patch repairs and the three versions make it easy.

The ‘fine finish’ for surface filling I used everywhere! The room had previously been decorated with no mist coat so the paint peeled when the wallpaper was removed! It definitely needed repair. Once stabilised, this was an ideal product, applied with a trowel and just did exactly what it was meant too. When I came to sand, feathering between the old and new was easy.


The only area I’d say I had a minor issue and I really do mean minor was repairing the ‘chase’ where electrics were moved, the ‘deep fill’ is excellent on odd screws and deep sections. But a ‘chase’ was pushing it a little too far, if I was to re-do I would probably apply ‘one coat’ first and once that’s started to pick up, then I would use a combination of these fillers to finish. The deep chases just took a bit longer than I wanted to dry. But once they had they are perfect.

Ultimately I think these are great and we will be adding to our kit. Click here to see online prices.

Gyproc Easi-fill Ready Mixed Filler Review – by Rachel Bates

Updated Feb 22, 2023 | Posted Jun 11, 2019 | 0 comments


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