Gyproc EasiFill Ready Mixed review

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Gyproc EasiFill ready mixed filler comes in three different versions. Lightweight, multipurpose and finish. Ideal for every task you’re likely to come across on a decorating job. All these fillers are manufactured by British Gypsum and distributed by a company called Artex who also do the traditional Easi-Fill powder filler. They are probably one of, if not the, brand leader in interior fillers.


  • Convenient
  • Quick drying
  • Doesn’t dry out too much at the top of the tub even with out plastic film


  • Interior only
  • Lids are a bit flimsy
  • Easi filler is fine enough and kind of makes the ‘easifiller finish’ not really necessary

I’ve finally got around to using the Gyproc ‘Goodfillers’ . Albeit just the easifill (green) and finefill (blue) . First thoughts…superb. I’ll have an easifill tub on me all the time now. There’s often a small area that gets missed, tends to be when the sun comes beaming through the window side on to the wall. The last thing I want to do is have to mix more up just for a small area. You can’t beat having it straight out the tub ready to go. Having ready-mixed fillers saves so much time.

There really wasn’t much difference between the two though, just a slightly lighter colour for the easifill.

Both of the EasiFillers felt very similar in consistency, if anything, the fine filler is a touch thicker. If they were passed to me with out me knowing, I probably would think it was the same stuff. I used both products on a large ceiling where the cracks were filled previously but left proud. So, I feathered the fillers out to nothing and it was perfect in one go. Then it all sanded down a treat in a few hours.


I was pleasantly surprised by this. I’m not used to using fillers that are so easy to work with. To be able to feather proud imperfections out, then sand them and get the perfect finish in one application is very impressive.

What surprised me is how far the tub actually goes. After filling all the joints on the ceiling I barely made a dent in the tub.

For me, the Gyproc EasiFillers get a 10/10.

The one and only downfall about it for me is the lid on the tub it comes in . The blue Gyproc Finefill wasn’t too bad but the grean easyfill was tricky to open, it reminded me of a smaller/thinner version of the Wickes paste tubs. save your fingers/nails and use the bottom of your olfa knife!

and that was my Gyproc Easifill ready mixed filler review. For more info visit their website

Updated Feb 12, 2024 | Posted May 29, 2019 | 0 comments


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