Gripper Buddy Reviews by Real Decorators

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We asked decorators from DFUK to give us their hones Gripper Buddy reviews. This is what they came back with…


David Barrett 

Few months ago I won a Gripper Buddy on twitter, while it is always great to win anything I didn’t expect to actually use it. Initial thoughts it would be one of those new fads that don’t catch on. Just like masking up carpets and windows or water-based gloss

Anyway, a job came along where the customer had removed all carpets but left the grippers down. Having caught my fingers in the past on them was not keen to do it again, so grabbed the Gripper Buddy out of the car. The Buddy fits perfectly over the grippers, even has instructions on it in anyone is confused on how to use it. You can rub down the skirting boards with ease and speed using the Gripper Buddy. No fear of catching your fingers on the grippers as you goes along. Would also be good for protecting other floors when rubbing down, along with painting unmasked skirtings. But then who doesn’t mask up nowadays…


It is well worth buying, especially for the price it costs. Very handy addition to your kit, the minute you catch your fingers on a gripper again you’d wish you had one.


Adam Featherstone

Having first heard about the gripper buddy last year just before the decorating show, first thing that appealed to me was the fact it was designed and made by two decorators, it is a simple piece of equipment, but for me it one of those items that you always have in your van, I’ve found its obviously very good for covering the gripper rods for sanding, both by hand and while using a Mirka Deros, but also for covering wood flooring while again sanding the skirting boards.

I remember when the lads, who made this first posted about it, that they had the normal decorators bitchie comments, what’s wrong with a caulk board, what’s wrong with using cardboard etc I made my decision right then to buy it, even if it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, first of they got of their arses and made this thing then all the effort selling it and standing at the show for two days.

It’s in my opinion worth the money, it’s holding up fine after being in the back of my van for 9 months so it not just a piece of flimsy plastic.


Go buy it, first of it will come in handy and it’s showing support for two fellow decorators.


Kenny Bone

Bought a Gripper Buddy myself after years of shredding my hands and can honestly say best ten quid spent on work gear for a long time, as it says rub down with confidence! And you do, i have added a short video to show how good it is

So in my opinion it gets 10 out 10


Jay Horne 

I’ve been asked to review the ‘gripper buddy’ for you all. My first thoughts when it arrived was that it feels a bit flimsy and that no doubt a fat footed chippy or spark would tread on it and break it before I had chance to use it!

Anyway, I did manage to give it a go on a job I was on (without other trades to come bursting in like Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball to ruin it for me).
To be honest I was pleasantly surprised by it. I managed to rub the skirting down, cutting through old bits of glue, fluff and runs without fear of losing a finger or knuckle to those bastard carpet grippers!! With a £10 price tag, even if it’s saves you a few minutes running to the van for a plaster before you bleed to death – it’s worth the money! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Duncan Bannatyne would get a semi on if you took the idea on Dragon’s Den, but it’s a good idea and I’m sure you’ll all agree that anything that will make my job easier, I’m up for giving it a go!!


Dean Johnston

Ok lads, I’ve been asked again to review another product amazing as that seems!

The gripper buddy!


You place it over carpet grippers to stop catching your hands and fingers.

Normally I’m like you lot and don’t bother with anything and every so often slice my hand up, normally in a landlords flat, that hasn’t had the carpet changed for 30 years and I’m never sure what disease I’m taking home with me.

All you do is lay it over the nails and paint away safely. I liked it and will keep using it. Brewers do it for £6.50 I think, so for that money it’s worth having in the back of your van!
It works well and most of you will understand which way it goes round but if you can’t they have put pictures on it for the numptys out there!


Mike Gregory

I’ve been using the Gripper Buddy for years now and think it’s great. I wouldn’t call it “life changing”, but definitely hand saving!! It fits its purpose brilliantly. Just sits in the van until I need it, then protects me from carpet monsters when sanding or painting skirting boards. It does everything it needs to perfectly.


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Updated Apr 17, 2024 | Posted Jul 23, 2017 | 0 comments

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