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I thought I would write an article and share my thought about having a free business listing with google, along with some tips and tricks to help boost it. I have been decorating for 20 years now and through those years I have done little to no advertising, nearly all of my work was through word of mouth. 


A couple of years ago I was told by a plumber to put a free business listing on google, as he swore by it and got him loads of local jobs through it. I was a bit skeptical at first as I wasn’t keen on listing my telephone number online as knew that can generate a lot of spam calls. Anyway I signed up to Google my business which was quick and easy to do. Before your account goes live they send you a code in the post to make sure you are who you say you are, once that’s sorted, you’ve got yourself a FREE business listing on the most used search engine. 



Fast forward a year and suddenly had an increase in calls through my Google listing which turned out to be nice local jobs that gained me a few new clients. I then decided to be more active with my free business listing by updating pictures more often and asking customers to leave me a review when invoicing them. I now on average get a couple calls a week through it. Don’t expect massive things straight away but over time it will pick up if you keep active.  


I’ve decided to give out a few tips on how to help your free business listing get to the top. 


Keep it active: 

  • When you finish each job upload 1 or 2 photos,  
  • when you invoice your customer ask them to leave you a review and attach a link to your page (easy to do) 
  • Make sure you fill out as much as you can for your page 
  • When adding your area, don’t just put your city, add all the areas in and around of your city, this Really helps with searches. 
  • Add an offer and keep it live (for example free quotations) 

I recently spoke about it on our main Facebook page and got a good insight from Stephen Dyson from HMG paints: 

Definitely worth doing well and even better it is completely free. 

It is even more important now with the Google Algorithm change that automatically now assumes people are searching for “Near Me”. 

Ensure you have your working area set-up so you appear on Google Maps. We’ve appeared on 18K maps searches in the last month. 

Ensure you get your customers to leave reviews after you have done the work and reply to them with a comment. 

Add images of your work to your profile. A tip is that if it’s a generic one of a room / kitchen etc put a watermark of your logo and contact details on it. 

Use the “Posts” feature regularly to offer news updates, discount offers. 

They currently have a COVID update section where you can inform customers you are taking on work / your availability etc. 

Allows customers to directly message you and the more you respond the better. 

Stephen Dyson


I’ve had a few jobs from it, good paying clients too. 

Well worth the time to create a profile and gallery of work. Just keep out of my area lol 


Anything free is worth it perhaps. This has done me well and I try to get customers to leave review on this above any other place, like Yell or Facebook 


I use the free listing. Its just an extra place to be. Had about 50K worth of work come in this past year. Most of it one client who found us there. 

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Google Mybusiness  Free Business Listing