Glixtone AC-1 High Performance masonry

Glixtone AC-1 High Performance masonry paint – White Review


Here we have a review for the Glixtone Ac-1 High Performance Masonry Paint in White. By Ross Ratty


  • Anti fungicidal
  • Thin- Easy to pour
  • Nice Coverage
  • Biocidal


  • Seems very airy, but may help in drying
  • Seems almost too thin

Upon using Glixtone AC-1 High Performance Masonry for the first time, it seems to have an amazing coverage, and a very bright white finish. Generally, i’m impressed. Straight out of the tin, it cuts in well, and it provides a wonderfully even-rolled finish; using a medium pile Albany roller sleeve. The walls were bleached prior to painting, and i’m hoping that the biocide keeps the white nice and bright for at least a couple of years.

The COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health), describes the product as:
High Performance, Water-Borne, Exterior Coating with outstanding anti-carbonation properties.
High moisture vapour permeability for uses on substrates that themselves have vapour permeability, for example, Wychert/Cob buildings finished in Lime Render.

It also classifies itself as Elastomeric and exceptionally flexible- moves with the substrate.

The product does state that it’s good for up to 30 years. I’m gonna say that in 25 years of decorating I’ve never used a paint that has looked good after 5 years so that remains to be seen.

It also states that it’s good for seaside areas. Let’s see if salt water stains it in time.

On the whole I give this product a ‪9/10‬, it has excellent capacity, and my only concern is that it’s a little thin. It has a slight sheen, but clearly that’s just to allow water run off.


There is plenty more information about this product on the Decorators Forum. 

Or to buy, go to Holman Specialist Paints