Giving up on a Decorating Business

By Craig Fletcher


Evening ladies and gents. I’ve had an offer that I think I’m going accept (salary dependant, but the initial offer is good).


There is a care home I do a lot of decorating for which consists of the main home, plus 12 bungalows. They also own 2 more facilities down south.


Their “handyman” got the boot. I’ve offered to combine the handyman position with the decorating aspect and go on their books. It’ll be a more varied day and only 10 mins from home. I’ll still be decorating; it just means I’ll be entitled to holiday and sick pay. I’ll have set hours every day. The handyman aspect is a non-issue, I pretty much built my extension, laid decking, built summerhouse etc.


I know some turn their noses up at handymen, but I fancy it.


I’m just wondering if any if you guys would accept?


The diary is full until September so, its not because I’m quiet. I’m just ready for an easier life!


Its scary when you’ve invested 17 years into a business, but 8-4pm every day sounds good without all the hassle in the evenings sounds great!


I should add, while work has never suffered this last year, my mental health has. Nowt to do with covid, just life.


Anyway, its more for the change of pace and with 5 kids to think of. Routine and fresh start might do the world of good. Working around people, instead of empty houses on your todd has to be a bonus too. My head gets too noisy when I’m on my own.


It’ll be a positive change, or a kick up the ar*e to motivate me again with the business, but work is a f**kin chore. I haven’t got back into at all since new year.


I’ll keep the van and all my gear either way, so wouldn’t be difficult to go self-employed again if this doesn’t work out.

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Giving up on a Decorating Business