Getting Back into the Decorating Industry

By Tim Lowe


Hello folks, I’m just getting back into the decorating industry after a 21-year gap. I’m starting my business again as single self-employed painter and decorator. I joined DFUK on Facebook to help me to try and get up to speed with current methods and products. I have to say it’s been a bit of an eye opener.


I am now looking into a dustless sanding set up 👍 As far as the products go, the industry is where I thought it would be. It looks as though water-based is the way to go when it comes to woodwork, and Benjamin Moore Scuff x seems like the group’s favourite! I need to try some!!


I’m C&G advanced craft qualified in decorating and was taught by a proper master craftsman. I know it’s going to take me while to get up to speed, but so be it. Most my work was previously recommendations. I have even got some of my old customers from ‘back in the day’, saying they want me back!


I used to be in the British Decorators Association (as it was called back then) and it was quite a prestigious thing. Not sure if its present incarnation is as well respected in the trade. Be interested to know if the collective thinks it’s worth joining?


Thanks all 👍

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