Fake leads on Myjobquote – not a happy bunny

Updated Aug 26, 2022 | Posted May 24, 2021 | Professional insight, Business | 21 comments

Before discovering better lead services, I signed up for this pile of crap. My response to a complaint I have raised to Myjobquote for yet another fake lead has just tipped me over the edge lol. What a pile of useless rubbish pockets and waist of t’interweb space they are !!


So, this was the response to a refund request for yet another fake leads on Myjobquote-

MyJobQuote <support@myjobquote.co.uk>

2:19 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

====== Please reply above this line, otherwise you may not receive a response ======


Hi Darren,

“Many thanks for your message, unfortunately, we are unable to accept this reason as being sufficient and would ask if you have tried to contact them via email.

Please re-open this dispute in another 24 hours if the customer remains un-contactable.”


My response to that nonsense…..

“Hi Frankie,

That’s fine, but unfortunately, (and I quote) your response “doth butter no parsnips”. I am unable to accept one or two things myself.

I am unable to accept that you clearly do not verify job posters details and do not care about the quality of leads that you expect tradespeople to pay substantial amounts of money for.

Since I have not myself even been contacted by yourselves, to even verify that I am a legitimate trader and not some cowboy looking to rip off some poor old lady who wants a cat flap repainting, You clearly don’t care about who you could potentially introducing to a vulnerable person.

To date, I have paid approximately £118 since April on leads that haven’t even resulted in a single quotation. If I cannot speak with a potential client in person, because they have clearly given a false contact number the chances of winning a job are significantly slim. They are unlikely to respond to emails if they do not even wish to be contacted via a legitimate number.

Taking into consideration that I have purchased approximately 17 leads from this service and I average to win 1 in 3 quotations I send out. Based on the completed jobs that I have received full payment for since April, I calculate that approximately £7900 I could have earned from genuine leads. On that basis, to suggest that I would not make every effort to contact your job posters is also, unfortunately, unacceptable response to my complaint.


Unless a more fortunate reply from yourselves is swiftly forthcoming with a significant gesture of goodwill, it would be quite unfortunate for you, as I will no longer be spending any more of my in-disposable money, and wasting valuable time chasing mythical little green men at the end of rainbows. I will cancel my subscription with immediate effect.

I will not be waiting 24 hours.

Kind Regards

Mr Carter (A genuine paying customer) “


Final Thoughts


Well, I think it’s clear what my views on Myjobquote are. From what I’ve seen so far, I think it’s all a con. Every lead I’ve had through so far has been fake. This platform is a waste of time, and I’d urge any professional tradesman looking to generate leads to go elsewhere.


Fake Leads on Myjobquote – by Darren Carter

Updated Aug 26, 2022 | Posted May 24, 2021 | 21 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.


  1. Catherine Ball

    Completly sympathise, I am sick of these wasters, who are now completly ignoring me.

    Their phone number seems to be the internet’s best kept secret. If anyone can find it for me, I’ll buy you a drink

  2. Barry Hurst

    I havent spent anything just yet as still going through my vetting of them, doesnt look to rosy right now and in truth havent had a great feeling, which is compounded by your and others experiences.. think i’ll give a swerve!
    So what sgood site have been found though, please share!

    • Edward Johnston

      Was just about to complete my account today as it states free leads for a month but prompting me to complete by adding my bank details.as a painter and decorator based in paisley just outside glasgow.January always a bit slow so thought would give a try but after reading these comments about fake leads.not got money to waist so think will be going on to mybuilders did ok from them but they start hiking membership and lead prices.any suggestions for genuine sites welcome.so pressing the unsubscribe button.

  3. Alan

    These put so many false jobs on this site when you try calling the numbers they don’t exist but they say they’ve called the customer and spoke to them but I’d love to know how when th number is a made up one

    • SHEA

      I’ve been a professional with MyJobQuote for three years, and spent hundreds with them purchasing their £7 – £15 paid leads (which they advertise as “free” to the public).

      I recently asked them to refund a non- responsive lead, and they firmly refused as it was out of their “24 hour window”.. unlike Bark.com, who will at least sometimes refund leads that won’t answer your calls or return your texts, (as 24 hours isn’t very long for many people who work to reply)

      I said, OK, that’s a shame as I’m quite busy at work and looking to purchase credit packs on my main websites i use (MyJobQuote.co.uk and Bark.com) and am hesitant due to the inflexibility of your refund policy (which i rarely ask for), but it’s your choice. No response.

      A few days later, I went to purchase a (£12.60) lead and saw that my credit balance had gone from 57, down to 10! (I paid for 51, and 6 were for credits from replies to
      questions on their site, only answered a week ago.)

      I got in touch, and they asked me to confirm how many were lost and they would “look into it.”

      No reply, and a few days later I go to purchase a (£7.40) lead with what i thought i had left – and now my credit balance is down to 3!

      I emailed their support about this further issue, who still hadn’t replied to the previous message from 4 days ago yesterday, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

      No telephone number, and clearly not replying to emails 24/7, unlike Bark.. a lot of my bidding happens at the weekend!

      It’s unfortunate, as the leads have been decent when you can find them, but the customer service and support to the tradesmen who pay their wages really let’s them down – and frankly, other sites have a much higher volume of potential leads and a (slightly) more transparent bidding structure.

  4. Joe sanders

    Hi Darren
    Well done for making me smile about a toxic subject. I was in the process of signing up but thought I’d find some commentary before pressing the button.
    I was admiring the pictures on their Facebook page, how the fcuk do you find out who has done the work? Pics copied from magazines?
    Have you found a more successful route to quotable jobs? I haven’t advertised in 30 yes but fancy some fresh faces to work for.
    Recommendations from any other readers appreciated.

    • Clive Galley

      Hi Joe
      Can you please tell me what other sites actually work as im sick of wasting money on dead leads?


  5. Matthew Thomas

    All trades avoid.
    They charge you for uncontactable customers with invalid emails and numbers and still charge you despite sending in evidence.
    A number of customers are past customers who have already had the works done previously and the job readvertised despite this.
    Please feel free to message for evidence or further info.

  6. Alex

    Scumy organisation! Selling non-existent jobs, call numerous times no answer! lying as they able to contact costumer etc, !!! Tradesman avoid!!!!

  7. raz

    yeah this scammers mtfs deserve a punishment! anyone have their address or a phone number,email pls? tks

  8. Karen D

    Don’t care about customers either. They introduced me to a tradesman who had already been banned from their site and simply reapplied. ID checks is totally misleading. I would sat to people looking for a tradesman do not touch Quote My Job as they are a bunch of cowboys.

  9. Rob Bamford

    Indeed this company is mainly a complete con. I have have phone conversations 3 times, each time was as usless a conclusion as the previous.

    It is hard not to leave a comment with swearing inserted. So much of a complete waste of time and money.

    They make it almost impossible too to speak with them or even get a valid and understanding response on fake job queries.

    I see this last comment was posted a couple of years ago so it seems no one can actually even be bothered to waste any more time on these tricksters and con artists, im not surprised really.

  10. Frazer Gordon

    I joined November 2023
    No one got back to me after dead leads
    Sent 3 emails also couldn’t upload any of
    my photos of previous work I’ve done.
    No good

  11. Tom S

    I requested a refund and when they refused I responded that it was disappointing and that they should expect an appropriate review on Trustpilot, and they banned me. I guess that is how they keep good review scores on the Trustpilot.

    • Michael Newton

      I’ve recently subscribed to myjobquote and being a bit down on work have reduced my rate considerably so was expecting at least some bites but nothing! Wondering how legit it is

  12. Nev

    Hi all, may be late to the party but has anyone got any recommendations for genuine lead sites? Im in the Kitchen and bathroom game. Happy to pay for decent leads but dont have the time like the rest of you for the above BS

  13. David Smith

    I joined about 6 weeks ago and have had plenty or jobs.

    I have also had plenty of refunds.

    I have had a few refunds that they refused due to being out of the 48 hrs period.

    Not an amazing experience, but not terrible by any stretch of the imagination.

    I have made way more money than I have spent.

    I am happy enough with the work I am getting.

  14. Hugh Mcquilling

    Total robbing barstewards .I bought six leads in a row and not one replied to my phone calls email and messages . Tried to get refunded and was turned down every time . This company should be prosecuted for fraud

  15. Dave Robinson

    Hi I am self employed and used this site to get jobs which are bought through credit which you have to pay for . So far I have spent so much money to get these jobs have been given details of clients that require the work to be carried out which has been a total waste of time due to false telephone numbers and false emails, I have had some responses and have done site visits so I can give a proper price to do the job just to find out that the client has already got the job done or want the job done for pennies. This site is a total waste of time and a total rip off and will be deleting my account before loosing even more money and diesel and my time . for home owners that are a waste of time David Robinson

  16. Dean

    If your a Tradesmen looking for leads than go somewhere else myjobquote is advertising fake leads and the cost for the higher lead at up in the 40 60 credits that equals £50 to £70 for one leads that I guess maybe 20 -40 other Tradesmen are biding on but there’s no way to tell with this site as they don’t indicate how many people have put a bid in Aviod. Oh when you do find the cancel subscription buried deep in the site if you beg you to stay and even automatically offer you a reduced subscription of 50% mate bunch of bull not one lead was real for me.

  17. Grahm

    Stay away unless you work for £50.00 per day
    These so called leads want you to work for nothing, another to avoid is PainterAdam.


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