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Extra Precautions you can Take to Make Your DIY Projects Safer 

Posted Sep 15, 2022 | Miscellaneous, Professional insight | 0 comments

Most people are aware of the standard safety tips in a DIY project. It’s not a revolutionary idea to suggest wearing PPE while work is underway.  

More people started DIY projects during lockdowns, and many of them will have found a new hobby to nurture for the rest of their lives. However, there’s always room for improvement, even for experienced people. It’s worth thinking about extra safety precautions that can be taken. After all, any strategy that allows you to reduce risk further should be contemplated closely. Here are some tips to help you make your DIY projects even safer beyond basic precautions.  


Invest in Cordless Tools 

Tool cables present many trip hazards. There are a few reasons for this being the case.  

Firstly, cables on your tools can create trip hazards. Not everyone in your home may be very conscious of your workspace as they pass through, and you might forget the odd hazard if you’re busy. Secondly, the limitations cables present can also cause accidents in certain situations, such as if you’re climbing high up a ladder. If you move at speed and hit the range limit, the drill may be yanked from your hand.  

DIY can be easier without cables. Tools like cordless drills are great investments that remove these restrictions and enable you to drill freely. You can find stock from all the best brands with OnBuy’s selection, and prices are affordable with a delivery that is fast and sometimes free. General drills are available, as well as more powerful iterations that can drill through concrete. Ultimately, there’s a wide range of tools to cordless drills to choose from.  


Clear the Space 

Many DIYers think their work areas are supposed to be messy. Such assumptions are far from the truth and can be dangerous to make.  

Take extra care to keep your work area clear. Remove debris as you go, and keep toolboxes and other utensils off the floor. Consider taking all furniture and decorative items out of the room too. Instead of crowding another room or your other surfaces with extra stuff, consider using a temporary storage unit. You can take your belongings out when you’re finished.  


Note Your Fatigue 

There are many contexts where tiredness can be dangerous. Driving is certainly one of them, but the DIY arena can present problems if you’re fatigued. Don’t underestimate your limits, and listen to your body. 

After all, your body can ache and become sore after exerting much physical effort. It might get to such a stage where you cause yourself or others injury in heavy lifting or make other sloppy mistakes that compromise the safety of your project. Therefore, you should endeavour to be mindful of your limitations.  

Try to take care of yourself the way others would after exercise so that you’re in the best condition possible to see the project through. Meditation, yoga, or even loosening up with some stretches are great ways to keep yourself limber. Keep a good diet, sleep well, and drink plenty of water. It might seem like basic advice, but many people don’t take good care of themselves at the best of times. The more comfortable and focused you are, the safer you and others will be.    

Posted Sep 15, 2022 | 0 comments

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