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The last year has shown many homeowners how valuable and important their living space is. For that reason, many have used the time to make home improvements and get those long ignored interior decorating projects finished. Now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to focus on the exterior next. 

Ciret Ltd. manufacture high quality painting and decorating tools for both indoor and outdoor projects alike. Our recommended trio of Essential Exterior Tools, from our RKMP range, will ensure that those weathered fence panels or that ageing brickwork get the attention they need and deserve.

Kana Tank Paint Brush 

The Kana Tank Brush has an innovative 2 in 1 bristle combination. A natural bristle “inner liquid tank”, which loads larger amounts of product into the brush, and an outer, finely tipped, synthetic bristle coat that leaves a nice, smooth finish. 

When used with woodstains or varnishes, the Kana Tank will cover up to 30% more surface area from a single dip, giving you huge time savings on large projects. A high-quality plastic ferrule makes the brush robust and long-lasting, delivering great results time after time. 


In September 2020, the Storch-Ciret Group proudly announced that the Tank brush had received the official European patent for its innovative brush technology.

ROTA!’s Green Acrylic Roller Sleeves 

Made of high-quality synthetic fabric these roller sleeves guarantee excellent paint loading and coverage. The 4” Jumbo refills give up to 40% greater coverage over standard 4” refills. 

The durable long pile makes the range ideal for masonry projects, depositing emulsion and water-based paint on both semi-rough and rough surfaces quickly and with ease.

masq Ultimate Painter’s Tape 

Higher tack, strong tear resistant paper and high moisture resistance make masq’s Ultimate Painter’s Tape the perfect choice for the rougher surfaces found outdoors. A special UV coating allows the tape to be exposed to sunlight for up to 120 days without degradation. 

Furthermore, it can tolerate temperatures of up to 80 °C. The interior and exterior tape removes cleanly from surfaces, leaving no residue, giving you sharp flat lines to all paint edges. 

Ciret tools provide expert solutions that are high quality, long-lasting, affordable and deliver consistent results to a high standard. Don’t waste time and money by using inefficient, poor quality painting and decorating equipment. Trust the Ciret brands and make your customers exterior decorating project a success. 

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The essential exterior tools from RKMP by Ciret are often understated, high quality and very good value. Rota, masq and Kana are fine examples of products professional decorators can rely on to perform well and help deliver that flawless finish.

The Kana Tank is widely regarded as the best brush for woodstain and varnish.

Masq Painters’ tape is a substantial range of ultra-modern masking tape. Masq red even has a party trick, it can be applied in wet conditions.

The Beeline Paste Master is a beast, and one of the best wallpapering tools on the market.

Prep provides everything you need to decorate your home.

The list goes on!

Decorators Forum UK - The ultimate Trio of Essential Exterior Tools from RKMP by Ciret

Updated Jun 15, 2023 | Posted Apr 15, 2021 | 0 comments

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