Dulux Water-based Satinwood Review

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So, this is my Dulux Water-based Satinwood review. This week customer wanted a water-based paint. I don’t mind as I mainly use water based and was looking forward to trying this as I think it’s good that Dulux are moving away from the hybrids and trying to compete.

Dulux Diamond Satinwood is a fully water-based paint used on internal woodwork. You can get it tinted, or in Brilliant White. Apparently you need an adhesion primer if you want to go over old oil-based paint.


My Dulux Water-Based Satinwood Review


The first coat of Dulux water-based satinwood feels like applying pva…. a bit weird. It goes on solid, and you think wow yes this is good. Then it dries transparent if that makes sense.


2nd coat and 3rd, yes 3rd as it will need it. 2nd & 3rd does go on better, smoother and eventually the finish is flawless. I doubt you could tell the difference between oil and this. However, disappointing that again opacity is poor in white.

Considering the price, it’s not far from Benjamin & Moore and the product is nowhere near the quality. I have used Helmi, isomat, HMG, caparol, Valspar and even Wilko. Personally, I would rate the finish but for price and opacity there are far better brands out there and a lot cheaper.

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Updated May 3, 2024 | Posted Feb 25, 2019 | 0 comments

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