Dulux Diamond Satinwood Review By Rob Greenwood

As a self employed decorator I always try to find new products that will dive me the finish I need to stay ahead in a saturated market, like it is where I live.

When I had to opportunity to try the Dulux Diamond Satinwood I was eager to give it a go as I don’t like the quick dry satinwood but know the diamond matt is rock solid and covers brilliantly.

When I first got the tin I was impressed to find out it was a full water based system as I assumed it would be a hybrid, this means it wont yellow at all, never mind ‘longer lasting whiteness’.

To apply the Dulux Diamond Satinwood I used a Two Fussy Blokes 5mm nap roller, I picked up from the Paint Show in Coventry recently. I also used a Purdy Sprig. I found that it flowed well on top of itself and had great opacity. (Two coats was solid) apart from two red doors, where I should, in hindsight, given another undercoat or two.

My only complaints are that the Dulux Diamond Satinwood pulled too much on the first coat, this may have being due to the temperature of the room being too high. To combat this I whipped down the surfaces with a damp rag, similar to what is advised with the Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood.

Be aware that this product is unlike any other waterbased product I have encountered, its high viscosity means you can fall into the trap of applying too much, allowing it to fold if you leave it without checking.

The low odour of Dulux Diamond Satinwood allows me to use it in most domestic settings without it causing effect to customers, unlike most oil based equivalents.

The Diamond range is an incredibly hardwearing range, allowing you to use it in high traffic areas and be confident it will last.


In conclusion I was very impressed with the Dulux Diamond Satinwood and would recommend it and would almost definitely use it again, it’s a good price and my local merchants have started to stock it. Making it the perfect, off the shelf, product.


Thank you for taking time to read my review.


Dulux Diamond Satinwood Review by Rob Greenwood for the Decorators Forum