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Dulux Select Decorators virtual pub

Updated Oct 3, 2022 | Posted Feb 2, 2021 | Events, Featured industry news | 0 comments

Members of the Dulux Select Decorators scheme have been keeping their spirits up over lockdown by meeting at their own virtual pub.

The Fitch & Bristle opens its doors via Zoom every Friday night, allowing any of the 575 Select Decorators in the scheme to stop by, catch up with friends or just chat with some like-minded individuals.

Much like a typical local, the virtual pub has seen regulars joined by their partners, pets and even children.

And to make the experience even more authentic, pub-goers received their own Fitch & Bristle-branded beer mat as part of a party pack sent to all members ahead of their Christmas party, which was attended by over 60 Select Decorators.

Dulux Select Decorator Darren Whitfield said “The Fitch & Bristle has been fantastic in these trying times where we can pop into the virtual pub for one or two scoops, stay the evening or even end up in an after-hours virtual lock-in.

“It’s been a fantastic chance to have a natter with some of the other decorators discussing all that’s going on in the world around us at the end of a long week.


“For me it really does feel like a night out – I’ve even been known to have a shower and splash on some aftershave before I join!”

With lockdown 3.0 in full swing, Dulux expects the virtual pub will be open for scheme members for many weeks – possibly months – to come as it remains as popular as ever.

Dulux Select Decorator Georgie Baker said the pub has been “the highlight of my Friday evening”.

He added:  “In a time when we’re been closed off from the world it’s allowed us to stay connected to one another.

“It’s enabled me to meet and develop new friendships that perhaps might not have formed outside of lockdown.

“No pub is without a terrific landlady and ours would definitely give Peggy Mitchell a run for her money!”

To help beat the January blues, the Fitch & Bristle has expanded its offering in 2021, with the introduction of virtual events. This started with a Night at the Races that proved a hit with members and their families.


Vickie Mather, Dulux Select Decorators Lead, added: “We know that decorating can sometimes be a lonely trade and the pandemic has made social isolation in the community more pervasive.

“As this current lockdown coincides with winter, where it’s darker and colder, we understand it can be hard to stay motivated and positive in the circumstances. That’s why we opened the Fitch & Bristle back in November.

“With the Dulux Select Decorator scheme, we have always strived to offer as much professional support as possible to our members and we see the virtual pub as an extension of the support we provide personally for them.

“We’re delighted that The Fitch & Bristle is providing such a rich source of joy for our community of decorators. In these challenging times, the camaraderie between those in the scheme has been incredibly uplifting to see.”

Dulux Select Decorators are a group of experienced decorators who have passed a comprehensive workmanship assessment, with Dulux guaranteeing their work for two years after completion.

Professional decorators can only apply to join the scheme once they’ve been a painter and decorator for three years and have run a successful business for at least a year, ensuring that Dulux is carefully selecting from the best in the trade.

For more information visit:


This is another example of how the Dulux Select, as an organization, are very much community minded. Not only offering their members business help and incentives, but also helping them through this difficult period due to lockdowns and COVID-19.

I’ve got to say that in this modern and corporate world, it’s nice to see something so personal. I’ll drink to that 😉

The Decorators Forum UK - Dulux Select Decorators Virtual Pub

Updated Oct 3, 2022 | Posted Feb 2, 2021 | 0 comments

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